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Baldur's Gate - The Original Saga

Soundtrack / Music By Michael Hoenig

- Soundtrack, released 1999 -


CD release USA 1999


1. Main Theme1:35
2. The Stage Is Set1:29
3. Candlekeep2:33
4. Attacked By Assassins1:36
5. Leaving Home2:03
6. Gorion's Battle1:14
7. Exploring The Plains1:28
8. Hobgoblins And Worgs0:48
9. Night On The Plains2:12
10. The Gibberling Horde1:30
11. Helm's Temple0:46
12. The Ruins Of Ulcaster3:17
13. Swords Against Darkness1:11
14. Safe In Beregost1:41
15. The Beregost Night1:36
16. Attacked By Bounty Hunters1:51
17. Cloakwood Forest1:59
18. Giant Spiders1:18
19. Night In Cloakwood1:29
20. From Out Of The Storm1:22
21. The Friendly Arms Inn1:32
22. The Dream2:03
23. Stealth In The Bandit Camp1:41
24. Bandit Melee1:35
25. Entering Baldur's Gate1:11
26. Streets Of The City0:55
27. Night Falls On Baldur's Gate2:10
28. The Lady's House0:59
29. Down To The Sewers3:03
30. Fighting For Survival1:24
31. Ever Deeper2:01
32. The Last Battle1:05
33. End Of The Quest2:13
Total running time54:50


Recording date1999
Composer(s)Michael Hoenig
Musician(s)Michael Hoenig
Producer(s)Michael Hoenig


In addition to composing scores for numerous movies and television series (almost none of which have been released as soundtrack albums) in the late nineties Michael Hoenig created the music for the popular Baldur's Gate role-playing video game. The game takes place in the Forgotten Realms, a high fantasy campaign setting, using a modified version of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) 2nd edition rules.


A soundtrack CD, containing 33 tracks from the original game and its expansion Tales From The Sword Coast, was released in limited numbers as part of a special compilation only.


1999: Interplay Productions
CD: CD-C95-1304-M
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