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Dark Skies

The 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Original Television Score
Music Composed By Michael Hoenig
Additional Music By Mark Snow

- Soundtrack, released September 2006 -


CD release USA 2006
Artwork: Kim


1. Gary Francis Powers2:24
2. Dark Skies Main Title0:49
3. Project Bluebook1:39
4. Idaho Crop Circles2:34
5. Mesmerized By Light3:44
6. Moving Targets2:28
7. John's Escape2:13
8. Roswell, New Mexico2:36
9. Mission Control1:50
10. Mercury Rising3:45
11. Majestic Headquarters1:28
12. Dreamland3:29
13. Meeting RFK1:22
14. Child Abduction2:40
15. Bach's Command1:38
16. John's Vision2:58
17. Majestic Takes Control1:41
18. Juliet, Dubious Ally1:06
19. Majestic Checkpoint0:48
20. Hoover In Louisiana1:33
21. A Grey Seeks Help - Kim Taken Over2:34
22. Kim Touches Light1:36
23. Steel0:34
24. Abort The Mission2:24
25. Epilogue3:22
26. Suite From The Pilot [Composed and performed by Mark Snow]12:40
27. [Hidden track]4:01
Total running time69:56


Recording date1996
Recording site(s)Metamusic Productions (Los Angeles)
Recording engineer(s)Michael Hoenig, Brad Ellis
Composer(s)Michael Hoenig, Mark Snow
Musician(s)Michael Hoenig, Brad Ellis, Raymond Brown, Mark Snow
Producer(s)Michael Hoenig, Mark Snow


Dark Skies is an American UFO conspiracy theory-based sci-fi television series, aired in 1996/1997 for 18 episodes, plus a two-hour pilot episode. The series was cancelled before the end of the first season, due to low ratings.


More information about this tv series is available at The Internet Movie Database.


To celebrate the show's tenth anniversary, a limited edition CD soundtrack was finally released in September 2006, featuring selections from the original television score composed by Michael Hoenig and a previously unreleased Pilot Suite arranged by The X-Files composer Mark Snow.


2006: Perseverance Records
CD: PRD 012; limited edition of 1,000 copies
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