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Vault IV

Tangerine Dream Classic Gold Recording

- Live, released March 2005 -


CD release Germany 2005
Cover of first and second CD

Download release 2008
First cover

CD release Germany 2005
Cover of third and fourth CD

Download release 2008
Second cover

CD release Germany 2005
Cover of cardboard wrapper


1.Cleveland - June 24th 1986
2.Brighton - March 25th 1986


Recording dateMarch 24th, 1986 & June 24th, 1986


Vault IV is the fourth (hence the name) album of the so-called 'Vault' series by Tangerine Dream, featuring unaltered remastered original Tangerine Dream concerts. The series includes the following albums:


  • Rockface (Recorded 1988, released 2003)
  • East (Recorded 1990, released 2004)
  • Arizona Live (Recorded 1992, released 2004)
  • Vault IV (Recorded 1986, released 2005)
  • Rocking Mars (Recorded 1999, released 2005)


This one is a double-issue presenting one gig from the two 1986 tours each. In March of that year TD had toured Europe (in fact mainly the UK with two additional dates in Germany and France) while in May/June there had been an extensive tour through the USA and Canada. Due to the short time between these tours it is not surprising that the set lists of these tours are almost identical.


The similarity between these two concerts might be the reason why TD decided to release these concerts not only as a 4CD set as previously announced but also as two individual albums: While the set Vault IV was made available only through the TDI webstore and selected mail order partners, the two individual releases Cleveland - June 24th 1986 and Brighton - March 25th 1986 were made available more widely, though in a limited edition of 10,000 copies each. Probably the biggest surprise in this context was the decision to publish these discs not as regular TDI releases but as part of the Bootmoon series which previously included five official (and quite expensive) re-releases of the Tangerine Tree fan project without further remastering. This fact and some massive manufacturing faults made this series rather unpopular amongst fans -- and hence it is a strange decision to release these remastered, high-quality soundboard recordings in the same series, especially as they origin from TD's own master tapes instead of bootlegs. Anyway, both recordings are of excellent sound quality and present some fine material of the short-timed line-up of Edgar Froese/Chris Franke/Paul Haslinger that was previously not officially available in its entirety.


The first part of the set features an almost complete concert of the 1986 North America tour on two CDs, including compositions originally released on the studio albums Stratosfear (1976), Exit (1981), Flashpoint (1984), Le Parc (1985), Underwater Sunlight and Legend (both 1986) as well as a number of unique compositions performed only during the 1986 tours that are not available on any official studio album. Even most of the live versions of the studio tracks are quite different from the studio versions, so the two CDs contain more than 90 minutes of music highly recommended for every fan of Tangerine Dreams's music of the mid-eighties. The recording contains the complete main set, but, unfortunately, only the first of the four encores played at that venue, and this one is faded out after six minutes, probably due to the soundboard tape running out.


The counterpart, as presented on CD three and four, is an almost complete gig from the 1986 Europe tour. As mentioned before, both set lists are almost identical, but there are some differences in solo playing, and for the North America tour the atmospheric Intro UK 86 had been replaced by Pilots Of Purple Twilight, and the compositions Northern Lights and Cool Breeze Of Brighton had been replaced by The Velvet Garden and Ride On The Ray, respectively. This recording contains the complete main set as well, but only the second of the two encores played at that venue.


The set comes with a simple white cardboard folder that contains the two 2CD jewel boxes. Apart from a small sticker with the title it does not feature any further information; even the order number is missing (hence the order number listed below is just taken from the TDI webstore). The two CD sets have individual artwork different from the Bootmoon releases mentioned above, though they share the same order numbers (that is, BOOTMOON006CD and BOOTMOON007CD). Compared to the other TDI vault releases the artwork is very simplish. The backsides of each 2-page cover insert feature a number of black-and-white photographs of the line-up Froese/Franke/Haslinger, most probably taken during the respective tour, and a short note about the time and venue of the concerts. The backside inserts just display the track lists. Besides this, there is no information about composers, line-up, recording or remastering engineer. Most probably, like the other vault releases, these recordings were remastered by Jerome Froese.


In February 2008 this release became available as MP3 download at the Tangerine Dream Download Shop.


2005: TDI
4CD: TDI CD041; cardboard wrapper holding two slim double jewel cases; black/white discs
2008: Eastgate
Download: complete release or individual tracks as MP3
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