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Michael Hoenig

Departure From The Northern Wasteland

- Studio, released 1978 -


Promo-7" release USA 1978


1. Departure From The Northern Wasteland - Excerpt I3:06
2. Departure From The Northern Wasteland - Excerpt II4:29
3. Excerpt From: Hanging Garden Transfer3:10
4. Excerpt From: Sun And Moon2:45
Total running time13:30


Recording date1976-1977


In the USA, Warner released a promotional 7" single with four excerpts from the album Departure From The Northern Wasteland. Notably, the single was to run at 33 1/3 rpm instead of the usual 45 rpm.


Liner notes on the paper sleeve"Composer Michael Hoenig has been in the vanguard of Europe's electronic music scene since its earliest days in Berlin. Unlike most synthesizer players, Hoenig does not approach his instrument from a keyboard orientation. He doesn't play piano, organ or any of the usual devices that seem prerequisite to a synthesizer career. Since he started out 'twisting knobs instead of triads' he comes equipped to get something really new out of his sophisticated machinery, which was never created to sound like a far-out keyboard. The music on Departure From The Northern Wasteland is unlike anything that's come before it. Whatever your musical preference, its rich textures will seduce you with an effect that goes beyond music. It's immensely relaxing, visual. Each listening brings forth new twists, new revelations. Says Hoenig, 'I want my music to provoke a feeling, a mood people can reflect to. It's music that is finished in the mind of each listener."


1978: Warner
Promo-7": PRO-E-712
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