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There are several official versions of this composition:
  • the original studio recording from 2008
  • eight live recordings from 2008 through 2014


Recording year2008
Composer(s)Edgar Froese


Tangerine Dream: Official Releases
2008Autumn In Hiroshima [a] 9:25
Booster II [a] 9:25
2009The London Eye Concert [a] [2008 live version]9:27
The London Eye Concert [b] [2008 live version]9:27
The London Eye Concert [c] [2008 live version]9:25
The London Eye Concert [a] [2008 live version]9:08
Live @ Dussmann Berlin [a] [2009 live version]9:25
Rocking Out The Bats [a] [2009 live version]14:24
Rocking Out The Bats [b] [2009 live version]14:24
2010Zeitgeist Concert [a] [2010 live version]9:19
Live In Lisbon [a] [2010 live version]11:17
2013Starmus - Sonic Universe [a] [2011 live version]9:31
Starmus - Sonic Universe [b] [2011 live version]9:05
2014Phaedra Farewell Tour - The Concerts [a] [2014 live version]11:10
2015Phaedra Farewell Tour 2014 London [a] [2014 live version]11:17
Out Of This World [a] 9:27

Live Performances

2008November 01London The Forum Kentishtown (UK)
November 02Edinburgh The Picture House (UK)
November 07Los Angeles UCLA Royce Hall (USA)
2009May 30Berlin Kulturkaufhaus Dussmann (Germany)
August 29Northeim Waldbühne (Germany)
August 30Berlin Citadelle Spandau (Germany)
2010March 25Lisbon Coliseu Dos Recreios (Portugal)
March 27Barcelona Sant Jordi Club (Spain)
March 30Zoetermeer Cultuurpodium Boerderij (Netherlands)
April 01London Royal Albert Hall (UK)
2011June 24Tenerife Magma Art & Congress Hall (Spain)
2014May 18 - Jun 09Phaedra Farewell Tour 2014


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