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1981, January 20 - 1981, February 14

Europe Tour 1981


Line-upEdgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling


January 20Essen Grugahalle (Germany)
January 21Aachen Eurogress (Germany)
January 22Mannheim Mozartsaal (Germany)
January 23Kassel Stadthalle (Germany)
January 24Hannover Eilenriedehalle (Germany)
January 26West Berlin International Congress Centrum (Germany)
January 28Erlangen Stadthalle (Germany)
January 29Würzburg Kurnachtalhalle (Germany)
January 30Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle (Germany)
February 02Paris Bataclan Palace (France)
February 04Milano (Italy)
February 05Genova (Italy)
February 06Rome Palazzetto dello Sport (Italy)
February 07Perugia (Italy)
February 07Cantu Palasport Piarelli (Italy)
February 08Florence Teatro Tenda (Italy)
February 09Reggio Elimia (Italy)
February 10Udine (Italy)
February 11Padua (Italy)
February 12Turin (Italy)
February 13Padua (Italy)
February 14Cantu (Italy)

Set List

First Set

Undulation (8:00)
As 1980, although bridging so to segue into the next track.
Calymba Caly (14:00)
The core of this track is identical to 1980, but the beginning is brand new. Instead of having a definite start (as with the high-pitched staccato chords), this version almost creeps up by surprise. The chord sequence enters first, from a new bridge from the previous piece, followed by a faded-in bass sequence. The first section is shorter than its 1980 counterpart. The second section, however, differs more fundamentally from its elder sibling; whereas the 1980 version had no modulation whatsoever, and relied upon some attractive interweaving lead lines to keep the interest going, this rendition has a revolving chord sequence throughout (i-iv-v-iv-v-i).
Thermal Inversion (14:00)
This is a piece that can be thought of as being divisible into three sections. The first part takes its rhythm section from Dr. Destructo (same percussion and bass sequence), but with chords played over the top rather than a guitar-sounding patch. The second is a mostly percussive bridge, rather train-esque in nature, which becomes the third part, a repeating six-bar phrase continuing with the train-sounding percussion.
Piano Solo 81 (6:00)
The solo played during early 1981 followed along roughly the same lines as that played during the autumn 1980 tour.
Force Majeure (3:00)
Identical to the 1980 tour.
The Price (2:30)
Identical to the 1980 tour.

Second Set

Silver Scale (17:30)
Identical to the 1980 tour.
Horns Of Doom (2:30)
Identical to the 1980 tour.
Phase Change (5:00)
This bridge piece, with heavenly voices mixed in with "sparkly" effects and some industrial-type noises distinguishing it from the version played in 1980. This bridge piece is the only difference between the second sets of autumn 1980 and winter/spring 1981.
Diamond Duster (4:30)
Identical to the 1980 tour.
Diamond Diary (10:00)
Identical to the 1980 tour.


Choronzon (11:00)
Identical to the 1980 tour.
Trap Feeling (2:30)
While traditionally encores are single songs, this one was played as part of a "medley", leading smoothly and without a break -- or bridge -- into a short version of Scrap Yard.
Scrap Yard (2:30)

(All times rounded to nearest 15 seconds and include bridges following song, if any.)

Large parts of this section have been taken from the site What Dreams Are Made Of by kind permission of the authors John A. Burek and Mark Schaffer.


The spring 1981 tour took in venues not included in the autumn 1980 tour, and gave them essentially the same playlist. The second set was virtually identical; the first set was edited early on to fit in the mini-epic Thermal Inversion.


Flyer from the 1981 Tour

This flyer, issued by Virgin in Italy, announces ten gigs in Italy. Most probably only five of them took place, some of them on different dates.

Thanks to Nicola Cont for providing this scan.



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