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Tangerine Ambience Vol II

100% Analog
A Tribute To Tangerine Dream

- Studio, released 1997 -


CD release USA 1997
Design: Eunah Lee


1.Rubycon, Part One [Performed by TD Experience]6:57
2.Stratosfear [Performed by Token Angle]6:56
3.White Eagle [Performed by Kenton Files]4:57
4.Tangram Set One [Performed by Joseph]7:57
5.Cloudburst Flight [Performed by Rey]6:56
6.Phaedra [Performed by Mikael Bondee]3:57
7.Logos, Part One [Performed by Supersonic]9:57
8.Tangram Set Two [Performed by Aquatic Ghost]9:56
9.Rubicon [Performed by TD Experience]5:54
Total running time63:27


Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)TD Experience, Token Angle, Kenton Files, Joseph, Rey, Mikael Bondee, Supersonic, Aquatic Ghost


Just one year after the release of Tangerine Ambience, Cleopatra's sub-label Hypnotic started a second effort to sell TD music re-arranged and replayed by several artists. Once again, some of the tracks are very close to TD's style, others are quite different. Two of the musicians, Rey and Supersonic, are familiar from the first compilation, among the others there is a group called 'TD Experience'. Like on the first compilation, the booklet does not provide any information about the artists. The artwork is totally different from Tangerine Ambience, and there are no liner notes. Both volumes were later re-released as Tangerine Stratosfear.


The original TD composition of this CD are featured on the following albums:


In the booklet the original composers are credited correctly for each track, with the exception that White Eagle is credited to Peter Baumann instead of Johannes Schmoelling.


1997: Hypnotic/Cleopatra
CD: CLP 0048-2
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