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Tangerine Dream

Don't Walk - Dream Now!

- Live, released 1996 -


LP bootleg release 1996


1. Live Material [Titled The Blue Side]24:20
2. Live Material [Titled The Yellow Side]25:35
3. Live Material [Titled The Red Side]24:31
4. Live Material [Titled The Green Side]24:29
Total running time98:55


Recording dateFebruary 19, 1978
Recording site(s)Eissporthalle (Berlin)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Steve Jolliffe
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Steve Jolliffe, Klaus Krüger


The bootleg Don't Walk - Dream Now! most probably was the surprise of the year 1996 for all die-hard TD collectors. After there had not been a vinyl bootleg release for three years (and there has been no other since then), there was a new double LP set. And, what is more, it was the first bootleg of TD's famous 1978 tour.


These two LPs contain nearly TD's complete gig in Berlin where they opened their 1978 tour. The records feature a very untypical phase in TD's development, as the music is dominated by heavy hard rock guitar sounds, drums and flutes which are overlaid by fast and strong sequencer rhythms. The music sounds mostly improvised and thus is much more experimental than on Cyclone, TD's studio release from that period. Different from Cyclone, these live LPs do not contain vocal songs but only some alienated and distorted voice sounds and shouts.


However, Don't Walk - Dream Now! is more an outstanding document, a real collector's item, than an easy listening product. The sound quality cannot be compared with modern CD standards. The music seems to be taken from a cassette tape recording of that concert. Among collectors, no such tapes of excellent quality from the 1978 tour are known; this might be one of the better ones. Probably due to limited time on the LP record sides, some parts of the music have been faded out.


The records come in a heavy box of blank metal. The boxes are numbered by metal prints. The whole edition of the LP sets is limited to 200 copies. The writing 'Tangerine Dream - Don't Walk - Dream Now" has been sprayed onto the front side of the box in black colour. Inside, there is a folded, LP-sized coloured cover sheet. The back side tells the musicians and their equipment, and the tour crew. On the inner side, there is a collection of band photographs of that era. Perhaps to emphasize the box' character as a sound document, it also includes a double sided sheet with five reprinted press quotes regarding exactly this certain concert which can be heard on the LPs.


The labels do not contain any information about the record or the band but show the graphic artwork 'Sphere Spirals' by M.C. Escher whose creations have already appeared on several TD bootlegs. The labels have different colours which indicate the LP side number. Don't Walk - Dream Now! has been produced by the alleged named 'Swabian Street Company' which is well-known from the release of the bootleg CD Danger Live.


This bootleg became obsolete due to the release of Tangerine Tree Volume 67: Berlin 1978.


Bootleg-2LP: -; black vinyl blue, yellow, red and green labels, paper sheet, metal box with black printing
Bootleg-2LP: -; blue vinyl, blue, yellow, red and green labels, paper sheet, metal box with blue printing
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