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Tangerine Dream

Danger Live

- Live, released April 1992 -


CD bootleg release 1991


1. Live Material [Titled Danger Live Part I]39:32
2. Live Material [Titled Danger Live Part II]21:13
3. Live Material [Titled Danger Live Part III]10:09
Total running time70:54


Recording dateFebruary 9th, 1976 & November 16th, 1976
Recording site(s)Auditorium Paul-Emile Janson (Brussels) & L'Ancienne Belgique (Brussels)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann


The bootleg CD Danger Live, released in April 1992, caught the collectors by surprise. An hour of excellent quality music, compiled from two concerts in Brussels in 1976. No tapes good enough to serve as masters for this release had been known. The first and second track were recorded in February 1976 at the Brussels University, while the shorter third track is an excerpt of the concert in November of the same year.


The first edition of the CD came in a standard CD case with a very professional layout; booklet and back insert show four different photos of TD with the correct line-up Froese/Franke/Baumann. The picture CD itself shows one more photo of TD and names Tangerine Dream and the CD title -- an exception compared with other bootleg releases. The alleged record company is called 'Swabian Street Company', obviously a English translation of TD's Berlin address in the Schwäbische Straße; the order number SSC-2114688 is very special, too, as it is the Berlin phone number of TD and TDI. The edition of the disc seems to be 1,000 copies, the origin is Germany.


In 1993 a so-called 'promotion version' of 25 numbered copies was released in a LP sized black box including some extras: a poster, a 'promo' sheet and a button.


This bootleg became obsolete due to the release of Tangerine Tree Volume 27: Brussels 1976 and Tangerine Tree Volume 31: Brussels 1976.


1992: 'Swabian Street Company'
Bootleg-CD: SSC-2114688; black/red/silver disc
Bootleg-CD: SSC-2114688; black/red/silver disc; numbered LP sized black box with poster, 'promo' sheet and button
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