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Tangerine Dream


- Compilation/Studio, released 1980 -


LP release UK 1980


1.Alpha Centauri [Excerpt]8:20
2.Nebulous Dawn [Excerpt]6:30
3.Wahn 4:31
4.Phaedra 17:33
5.Sequent C' 2:13
6.Ricochet, Part Two 21:13
7.Rubycon, Part Two [Excerpt]9:58
8.Stratosfear [Excerpt]8:38
9.Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme) 3:38
10.Desert Dream [Excerpt]3:47
11.Cherokee Lane [Excerpt]8:16
12.Monolight (Single Version) [1977 remix]3:14
13.Search 2:54
14.The Mountain Road 1:53
15.Impression Of Sorcerer 2:55
16.Baryll Blue 7:20
17.Chimes And Chains 4:45
18.Haunted Heights 6:10
19.Cloudburst Flight 7:21
20.Madrigal Meridian [Excerpt]11:08
21.Grind 3:01
22.Tangram, Part One 19:47
Total running time165:05


Recording date1971 - 1980
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann (previously unreleased tracks only)
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann (previously unreleased tracks only)


In 1980 Virgin released a four-album box set entitled '70-'80 to celebrate the first decade of recording activity by Tangerine Dream. The box contains material of the albums listed below:



One vinyl side features previously unreleased solo material by Edgar Froese, Chris Franke and Peter Baumann, respectively, and there is a remix of the track Monolight, unavailable elsewhere. Furthermore most boxes contained a LP sized 28-page booklet with a discography, a biography and many photographs of the band. This compilation was to become the first in a long line of compilations and samplers showing the name Tangerine Dream on the cover. In recent years many compilations have been put out by various record companies, in most cases only reissuing well-known material without anything new.


This box has never been released in CD format.


1980: Virgin/Ariola
4LP: 301 407; identical to UK version with the German order number on a sticker fixed on the box back side
1980: Virgin/Dischi
4LP: AORL 48 444; red/green labels, sticker, booklet
4LP: AORL 48 444; red/green labels, no sticker, no booklet
1980: Virgin
4LP: VBOX 2; red/green labels, sticker, booklet
4LP: VBOX 2; red/green labels, no sticker, no booklet
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