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200 002

- Studio, released July 2013 -


CD release Germany 2013


1.Rejuvenation 8:08
2.A Long Time Ago (Live 2012) [2012 live version]9:10
3.Jet 5:50
4.Streethawk (Live 2012) [2012 live version]8:08
Total running time31:16


Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese, Robert Waters
Musician(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese, Robert Waters
Producer(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese, Robert Waters


200 002 (the full title can be read only when viewing both front and back side of the sleeve) is the second EP by the Loom project. While its predecessor 100 001 was just a compilation of solo material by the band members -- composed, performed and recorded individually -- this one now features two brand new tracks credited to all three members, plus two tracks recorded during their live performances in Budapest (Hungary) in September 2012. One of them is a solo composition by Johannes Schmoelling, originally released on his solo album Instant City (2006), that now features a strong guitar solo by Jerome Froese. The other one is a brand new and epic interpretation of one of the most famous TD composition from the eighties -- the title track of the TV series Streethawk which was officially released as Le Parc (L.A. - Streethawk) on the namesake album Le Parc (1985).


As for the two new compositions, Rejuvenation is a very strong, melodic track that already had been performed live in 2012 on occasion of the Budapest concerts mentioned before. Jet, on the other hand, is more similar to the solo material by Jerome Froese, featuring a somewhat nervous percussion rhythm and less melody but more erratic tones.


The Loom web site about the CD release"Due to the fact that the finalisation of the first LOOM studio album will take some more time (until the end of 2013) we're happy to announce their second EP called 200 002 which will be out in July 2013, containing over 31 minutes of unreleased music, incl. two all new LOOM tunes!"


The EP was released through Johannes Schmoelling's Viktoriapark label as a limited edition of 500 copies.


2013: Viktoriapark
CD: VP LTDCD-001; cardboard sleeve, black/blue disc, limited edition of 500 copies
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