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Tangerine Dream

Nebulous Dawn

The Early Years

- Set, released August 2006 -


CD release Europe 2006
Cover of box
Design: Mainartery

CD release Europe 2006
Cover of booklet
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1.Electronic Meditation
2.Alpha Centauri [a]
3.Zeit [a]
4.Ultima Thule
5.Atem [a]
6.Lady Greengrass/Love Of Mine


Recording date1967 - 1973


Be it by strange incident or by marketing concept: the box Nebulous Dawn, released in summer 2006, comes with a name quite similar to the most recent TD album Blue Dawn. But this box features the complete four early TD albums from the 'Pink Years' era, plus two rare single releases, collected on the three CDs, and its name derives from one of this set's compositions. Disc one features both the full length albums Electronic Meditation (1970) and Alpha Centauri (1971); disc two contains the double album Zeit (1972), while disc three combines the album Atem (1973) with the two single releases Ultima Thule (1972) and Lady Greengrass/Love Of Mine (1967).


While the four albums were widely available and have been re-released again and again over the years, the single Ultima Thule was a much rarer item. Lady Greengrass/Love Of Mine on the other hand is not a release by Tangerine Dream but the one and only single by the short-lived beat band The Ones, of which Edgar Froese was member in 1967. Especially the two tracks of this single release were hard to find and released on CD only as part of some beat compilations.


Hence this collection is a great opportunity to collect the (almost complete) official material from the very early days of Tangerine Dream (and its predecessor The Ones) for a very reasonable price. The only flaw of this nice collection is the absence of the track Oszillator Planet Concert, a rare live recording from 1971 that was announced to be part of this set. Probably due to copyright issues this track had to be removed from the final track list, which is a shame as this composition has never been published on an official CD release so far.


Leaving this issue aside, Nebulous Dawn is a very well-made set. It comes in a simple cardboard box with nice, appropriate spacey cover artwork. Each of the three CDs is contained in a single slim CD box with an individual paper insert featuring the track listing (which is free of errors with the exception of Klaus Schulze's name misspelled as Shulze) and information about the original release of the respective tracks. Additionally the box contains a 12-page booklet with a number of photos featuring the line-up Edgar Froese/Chris Franke/Peter Baumann, the cover photos of the original albums (but not the singles) and a 5-page biographic essay by David Wells covering the years 1968 to 1973.


2006: Castle/Sanctuary
3CD: CMETD1366; cardboard box with three slim jewel cases; blue/black, yellow/black and violet/black discs
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