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Tangerine Dream
Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


- Soundtrack, released April 1985 -


CD release Germany 1985

CD release Europe 1995


1.Heartbreakers 2:30
2.Footbridge To Heaven 3:00
3.Twilight Painter 4:12
4.Gemini 3:28
5.Rain In N.Y. City 3:23
6.Pastime 3:00
7.The Loser [Misspelled The Looser on the 1985 releases]3:17
8.Breathing The Night Away 2:25
9.Desire 5:38
10.Thorny Affair 3:10
11.Daybreak 4:07
Total running time38:10


Recording date1985
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Producer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling


In 1985, Tangerine Dream wrote the music for Heartbreakers, photographed by Michael Ballhaus and directed by Bobby Roth, starring Peter Coyote, Nick Mancuso and Carole Laure. It was the first of six movies directed by Bobby Roth that Tangerine Dream supplied the music for.


More information about this movie is available at The Internet Movie Database.


The soundtrack album was released only in Germany by Virgin in summer 1985 and became one of the rarest items for TD collectors after it went out of print a few years later.




If there was a prize for the most tasteful record cover, the re-release of Heartbreakers by the Silva Screen label in 1995 probably would not win it. But this was the only disadvantage of that reissue -- the more important thing is: Silva Screen had done a good job by making this soundtrack available after the Virgin CD had become exorbitantly expensive.


1995: Silva Screen
CD: FILMCD 163; silver/red/black disc
1985: Virgin/Ariola
Promo-LP: 207 212; red/green labels; promo insert
LP: 207 212; red/green labels
LP: 207 212; white/grey labels
CD: 610 467
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