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Edition J

- Compilation/Studio, released November 2020 -


Download release Germany 2020
Artwork: Moonpop Music Design


1.Towards The Evening Star 6:17
2.On Crane's Passage 4:29
3.Rising Haul In Silence 7:33
4.Lamb With Radar Eyes 8:39
5.Flashflood 6:58
6.Waterborne 7:19
7.Summer Storm 6:05
8.Chia Maroon 4:11
9.Comet's Figure Head 10:00
10.Pilots Of The Ether Belt 10:13
11.Outland 9:13
12.Astrophobia 9:55
13.Nomad 2:30
14.Cobalt Rain 3:21
15.Towards The Evening Star (Alternative version) [2008 remix]6:14
16.On Cranes Passage (Alternative version) [Pre-release version]4:10
17.Rising Haul In Silence [1996 live rehearsal version]7:26
18.Lamb With Radar Eyes (Studio Session) [Pre-release version]7:28
19.Terra Gravity 2:30
20.Rising Haul In Silence [1997 live version]7:36
Total running time132:07


Recording date1996 - 1999


In November 2020, Jerome Froese released this compilation album as part of his 'Edition J' series as download only, thus no physical media of this release do exist so far. The digital cover artwork does not show any artist name, though the download was released under the moniker 'Jerome Froese & Tangerine Dream'. The 'Edition J' includes the albums listed below:



Jerome Froese about the release"I already got the idea for Edition J some time ago. My intention is to make my whole Tangerine Dream catalogue permanently available again in a non-periodic way, bit by bit.
The Edition J series will contain my respective titles of all the individual Tangerine Dream albums as new remasters (Some tunes are now almost thirty years old and have never been revised). Additionally there will be a lot of alternative versions, demos etc. on every release.
I would like to emphasize once again that these are not new recordings, but remastered new editions.
For now, there are no plans for a physical release, sorry."


Unlike Rockoon and Tournado, which got a re-release on their own, most other studio and soundtrack albums contained only a handful compositions by Jerome Froese each, so he decided to release three compilation albums as part of the series. This one features tracks from the following releases:



Furthermore, there are four previously unreleased bonus tracks: two studio tracks from 1996 (Nomad and Cobalt Rain) and two recordings of Rising Haul In Silence, one of them a live rehearsal from 1996, the other one a live version from TD's Hamburg gig in 1997. All tracks have been remastered in 2020 from the original DAT tapes.


2020: Moonpop/Bandcamp
Download: moon bcdl 009; complete album in several lossless or lossy audio formats
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