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Maroubra Bay

There are several official versions of this composition:
  • the original studio recording from 1975
  • a backwards recorded version from 1976
  • a remix from 2005 (and two excerpts of it)
  • a live recording from 2008


Recording year1975
Composer(s)Edgar Froese


Tangerine Dream: Official Releases
2008The Electronic Magic Of Tangerine Dream [a] [Excerpt from 2005 remix]7:27
The Epsilon Journey [a] [2008 live version]9:35
The Epsilon Journey [b] [2008 live version]9:43
The Epsilon Journey [c] [2008 live version]9:43
2010Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares [a] [Excerpt from 2005 remix]7:27
2014The Deep Run To Vegas [a] [Excerpt from 2005 remix]7:27
Edgar Froese: Official Releases
1975Epsilon In Malaysian Pale [a] 17:15
Epsilon In Malaysian Pale [b] [2005 remix]17:33
1976Electronic Dreams [a] [recorded backwards]17:15
2005Orange Light Years [a] [Excerpt from 2005 remix]9:05
2012Solo (1974-1983) - The Virgin Years [a] 17:00
Solo (1974-1983) - The Virgin Years [b] 17:00

Live Performances

2008April 13Eindhoven Technic University Auditorium (Netherlands)


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