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This is a drum solo performed by Emil Hachfeld during the 1997 tour. The title Intro of this composition was first introduced with the 2004 re-release of Tournado and the releases of High Voltage and Lamb With Radar Eyes. On the prior releases of Tournado the track was present but not featured in the track listing.


Recording year1997
Composer(s)Edgar Froese


Tangerine Dream: Official Releases
1997Tournado [a] [Not mentioned in the track listings of the 1997/98 releases]3:41
Tournado [b] [Not mentioned in the track listings of the 1997/98 releases]3:41
Tangerine Dream: Fan Releases
2004Tangerine Tree Volume 46: Amsterdam 1997 [a] [1997 live version]1:36
2005Tangerine Tree Volume 65: Glasgow 1997 [a] [1997 live version]5:13
Tangerine Leaves Volume 41: Zabrze/Budapest 1997 [a] [1997 live version, titled Percussion Solo]4:25
Tangerine Leaves Volume 65: Manchester 1997 [a] [1997 live version]5:13
2006Tangerine Tree Volume 82: Munich 1997 [a] [1997 live version]3:31
Tangerine Leaves Volume 71: London 1997 [a] [1997 live version]2:28
Tangerine Leaves Volume 83: Bonn 1997 [a] [1997 live version]3:13

Live Performances

1997Apr 09 - Jun 13Europe Tour 1997
Oct 29 - Nov 06UK Tour 1997


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