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1999, June 12
Osnabrück Stadthalle

- Klangart Festival -


Date1999, June 12
Line-upEdgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Gerald Gradwohl, Emil Hachfeld


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2005Rocking Mars
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2004Tangerine Tree Volume 43: Osnabrück 1999

Set List

First Set

Ground Control (3:00)
This is an unreleased atmospheric intro, beginning with NASA "ground control" voice samples, leading into a space-shuttle-launch countdown. All is underpinned with an ominous bass drone.
Comet's Figure Head (9:00)
Essentially identical to the the studio version, though a touch shorter and with a more forward guitar lead by Gerald Gradwohl and scattered percussion effects by Emil Hachfeld. This track has a more purposeful, driving sound than the relatively laid-back sounding studio version.
Rim Of Schiaparelli (7:00)
Essentially the same as the studio version.
Deep Space Cruiser (5:30)
Essentially the same as the studio version; guitar lead by Gerald Gradwohl.
Pilots Of The Ether Belt (11:00)
Essentially the same as the studio version.
Spiral Star Date (Level ♇) (6:00)
Essentially the same as the studio version.
Running Out Of Time (3:00)
A brief excerpt, more of a bridge between tracks than a track in itself. Some new highlights -- including a significantly upped bass presence -- give this track more drive than before.
Mars Mission Counter (5:00)
Essentially the same as the studio version; guitar lead by Gerald Gradwohl.

Second Set

Ça Va - Ça Marche - Ça Ira Encore (5:45)
Essentially the same as the studio version.
Astrophobia (10:30)
Essentially the same as the studio version.
Tharsis Maneuver (5:00)
Essentially the same as the studio version.
Outland (The Colony) (10:15)
Essentially the same as the studio version.
Dies Martis (TransMercury) (4:30)
Essentially the same as the studio version.
Terra Gravity (2:30)
Essentially the same as the studio version.
Wormhole Number Five (3:00)
Much livelier than the the studio version, with electronic percussion heavily improvised by Jerome Froese, though definitely along the same lines.
Red Ocean (3:00)
With a heavy guitar accompaniment and a much more forceful overall sound, making it sound like a majestic closure.

Encore Medley

TimeSquare (5:30)
Essentially the same as the studio version, though shortened.
Beauty Of The Blast (4:45)
Essentially the same as the studio version, with some creative percussion by Emil Hachfeld.
Ancient Powerplant (4:30)
Essentially the same as the official The Keep CD version; currently the only known live post-release outing for a track from the TDI CD of The Keep. (Several tracks that appear on the album appeared live first.)
Mobocaster (7:00)
Essentially the same as the album version, though the guitarwork is even more frantic.

(All times rounded to nearest 15 seconds and include bridges following song, if any.)

Large parts of this section have been taken from the site What Dreams Are Made Of by kind permission of the authors John A. Burek and Mark Schaffer.


Tangerine Dream performed this one-off concert during the Klangart Festival in Osnabrück in Northern Germany, presenting the then brand-new album Mars Polaris. The complete album was performed, though the track order differs from that on the album. Some older compositions were included in the main set and the encores.


As on the 1997 Europe tour and on the 1997 UK tour, drummer Emil Hachfeld was part of the live line-up. In an interview with Thomas Adam for the German "Sticks" magazine he told about his musical contributions. According to this interview the TD drum set was a quite uncommon combination of proven parts and custom-built components that impressed not only visually: There was no e-drum set, but some small pads, real cymbals, a well filled rack and, first of all, six 'tin drums' (Codotronics) with imposing measures. Hachfeld: "I can hear the base sounds, like kick and snare drum originating from the sequencer, well enough to play accordingly. Initially I had intended to use headphones, but then I found that being too spaceship-like. To tell the truth, there are parts that make it rather difficult -- when songs start very spare with only synthesizer pads or too little time -- in these cases I have to listen carefully. [...] TD originate from improvisation. Their original idea was to spontaneously invent sounds on the stage and respond to each other. Given the intended improvisional part this approach makes sense, as it peps up the whole thing a bit. And it creates some visual balance between the two keyboarders in the center of the stage and the guitar and drums besides. [...] The samples originate from the TD library completely; they are set by Christian Gestettner, our drum tech, to the Akai sampler that is used to full capacity though upgraded with maximum memory."


Sadly, this gig was the last one with Emil Hachfeld cause he died only one year later.


Ticket from the Osnabrück Concert

Thanks to Jacob Pertou for uploading this ticket scan to his blog.

(Click on the image to see a larger version of the ticket in a new browser window)



From Dream Collector #33, June 1999

The Dream Trip from Osnabrück to Mars

TD Headlines the 1999 KlangArt Festival

Tangerine Dream like to start their live shows with uncommon pre-concert performances. While some 2,000 people entered into the Stadthalle in Osnabrück, north Germany, radio messages like from a control tower could be heard. Huge balloons were suspended in the room, lifted up by the listeners again and again.

With video projections of starting space shuttles and rockets, the concert started, featuring the previously unknown music material of Mars Polaris which had its CD debut the same day. The whole set, music and video, were intended to simulate a flight to Mars, with Earth getting more and more smaller and further away while stars and space impressions turn up on the screen. Most of the visual artwork showed views from the Earth orbit and from outer space, but the video was also completed by short clips of computer designed artwork in the Luminous Visions style. Again and again, the Mars Polaris lander could be seen in the animation. Towards the end of the concert, the surface of the red planet turned more and more into view.

The first set of the Mars Polaris composition contained some 50 minutes of new material, except the end: It turned out as a clip from the widely unavailable Sony Center Topping Out Ceremony Score. This was quite a surprise for some of the listeners, but most fans heard this ultra-rare composition like a completely new track. After the break, the second set started with Ça Va - Ça Marche - Ça Ira Encore, the bonus CD track from the Dream Dice box set. The 45 minutes of this part featured new material with some new experimental sounds, but also with some well-known patterns: Some parts reminded of Love On A Real Train (Risky Business) from Risky Business, some of the bridges used in between the tracks referred a bit to the Logos Live style. Once again, the Sony score made the final part of the composition. In the 25-minute encore, a part of The Keep, Ancient Powerplant, had been embedded into newer compositions like TimeSquare.

Except for some solos, both live guests of TD, Emil Hachfeld and Gerald Gradwohl, acted in the background mostly while Edgar and Jerome Froese did the synth work. Like in Germany and Great Britain 1997, Emil Hachfeld played the "Codotronic" drum and percussion system which was also used to trigger the electronic equipment. Gradwohl, well-known from Tyranny Of Beauty and the 1996 show at London's Shepherd Bush, was the man on the 'axe'. Unfortunately, they had to face bad acustic conditions.

With this gig, Tangerine Dream were the headliners of the 1999 KlangArt festival which has become the most important avantgarde music event in Germany. And more, this was TD's only public gig this year, as announced so far.

And as a surprise announced last minute, Jerome Froese did a special gig in an after show event. As "DJ Rome" he performed in the "Lagerhalle" club. Later than 2:30 in the morning, he provided the music for the dancefloor from several Drum & Bass vinyl recordings he had brought for that event. Several TD fans have attended this show but did not hear any new "Dream" music... However, this way TD proved that they not only like to surprise their listeners at the beginning but also after the end of their shows...

© 1999 by Christian Horn, Siegfried Lindhorst, Rolf Sonnemann and Peter Stöferle



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