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Tangerine Dream

Three Phase

Past - Present - Future

- Live/Studio, released 1993 -


VHS release Europe 1993

Laserdisc release USA 1993

DVD release USA 2003

DVD+CD release Europe 2004

DVD release Hong Kong 2004

2VCD release Hong Kong 2004

CD release Europe 2006


1.Two Bunch Palms [1992 live version]4:43
2.Dolls In The Shadow [Excerpt]2:45
3.Treasure Of Innocence 3:42
4.Oriental Haze [1992 live version]4:48
5.Graffiti Street [1992 live version]5:27
6.Backstreet Hero [1992 live version]4:15
7.Phaedra [1988 live version]3:47
8.Love On A Real Train (Risky Business) [1992 live version]3:19
9.Hamlet [1992 live version]4:52
10.Purple Haze [1992 live version]3:18
11.Logos [1988 re-recording]5:04
Total running time46:00


Recording date1990 - 1992
Recording engineer(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese (under the pseudonym 'Ed Jefro')
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger, Jerome Froese, Jimi Hendrix
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger, Jerome Froese, Zlatko Perica


Along with the album 220 Volt Live the video Three Phase was released in 1993. The video imagery is arranged according to the tracks of the soundtrack with emphasis on the Seattle 1992 concert. Short vintage shots of the band retrospective have been edited down from 16 hours of archival film supplied by TD. Live shots are mixed up with pictures of three bicycles pedaling in the desert (Dolls In The Shadow), a despaired man on the streetcorner (Treasure Of Innocence), neon effects and San Francisco night shots (Oriental Haze), night skies (Graffiti Street and Backstreet Hero), colourful geometric patterns (Phaedra) and older shots with longhaired Chris Franke and Johannes Schmoelling (Hamlet).


More information about this video is available at The Internet Movie Database.




In 2003 the video release Three Phase (1993) was re-released in the USA on DVD and retitled Live In America 1992. Apparently the DVD was mastered using the VHS sources, as the video quality is not better that the original release. The whole package seems quite cheap and does not mention that it is a re-release of Three Phase.


In Europe the video was released in 2004 by another company and included not only the DVD but also a bonus audio CD with the same music material. This was the first time the material was officially released on an audio medium.


The audio CD was re-released again in 2006 in Europe by another record label, titled only Tangerine Dream. The track listing on the backside of the 2-page insert is correct with the exception that the opening title Two Bunch Palms is credited to Billy Joe Walker instead of Edgar Froese. Walker in fact has composed a completely different piece with the same name.


1993: Miramar/BMG
VHS: 2113 125-3
2004: Eagle Vision
DVD+CD: ERDVCD015; titled live in america / 1992
DVD+CD: EV 30087-9; titled live in america / 1992
2006: Eurotrend
CD: CD 142.257; titled Tangerine Dream
Hong Kong
2004: Panorama
2VCD: DUCD409143; with chinese subtitles
DVD: DUDVD409143; with chinese subtitles
1993: Miramar
VHS: MPV 8501
Laserdisc: MPLD 8501
2003: Respect
DVD: RESPECTDVD2; titled live in america 1992
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