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The Keep

The Film Music of Tangerine Dream
Performed by
The Fantasy Merchants

- Studio, released 1995 -


CD release Europe 1995


1. The Keep - Main Title [Performed by The Fantasy Merchants]4:49
2. Glacken's Quest [Performed by The Fantasy Merchants]4:24
3. Brothers In Death [Performed by The Fantasy Merchants]8:13
4.Fisherman's Morning [Performed by The Fantasy Merchants]3:37
5.Evil Healing [Performed by The Fantasy Merchants]4:54
6.Gloria [Performed by The Fantasy Merchants]3:15
7.Crystal Voice [Performed by The Fantasy Merchants]3:18
8.Burning Force [Performed by The Fantasy Merchants]4:27
9.The Heartbreakers [Performed by The Fantasy Merchants]2:32
10.Twilight Painter [Performed by The Fantasy Merchants]4:14
11.Caleb's Blues [Performed by The Fantasy Merchants]3:08
12.Search [Part of the track Medley][Performed by The Fantasy Merchants]3:15
13.The Call [Part of the track Medley][Performed by The Fantasy Merchants]1:49
14.Grind [Part of the track Medley][Performed by The Fantasy Merchants]2:51
15.The Mountain Road [Part of the track Medley][Performed by The Fantasy Merchants]1:45
16.Love On A Real Train (Risky Business) [Performed by The Fantasy Merchants]3:28
Total running time59:59


Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger
Musician(s)Goetz Steeger, Gunther Laudahn, Annette Köhler
Producer(s)Thomas Karban


Whoever are 'The Fantasy Merchants' -- they made six tracks from TD's soundtrack The Keep available for the first time. TD's original version of this soundtrack had been available before on a bootleg only. "We do not have anything to do with this release", Julia Snyder from Tadream Productions said when Dream Collector inquired for TD's role in early 1996. Regarding sound and quality of the music performed on this CD, TD do not talk about their opinion, Julia Snyder explained: "No comment..."


The CD includes cover versions of music from the following soundtrack albums:



Some of the 'Fantasy Merchants' cover versions sound close to the original tracks, especialy those from The Keep. Others, like the Medley from Sorcerer make their difficulties in reproducing the TD sound obvious. While the original composers are credited correctly for most of the tracks, this information is missing for the tracks originally from Firestarter and Near Dark.


1995: First Floor/Tsunami
CD: TCI 0616
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