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Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Tree Volume 18: Montreal 1977

- Live, released January 2003 -


CD-R fan release 2003
Design: Maff
Graphics: Marko Marin

CD-R fan release 2003
Design: Leah Cim
Graphics: Marko Marin


1.Cherokee Lane [1977 live version]19:11
2.Monolight [1977 live version]23:42
3.Montreal 77, Part Three [1977 live version]24:18
4.Montreal 77, Part Four [1977 live version]23:39
5.Montreal 77, Part Five [1977 live version]11:33
6.Montreal 77, Part Six [1977 live version]12:29
Total running time114:52


Recording dateApril 09, 1977
Recording site(s)Place des Arts (Montreal)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann


During Tangerine Dream's North American Encore tour of 1977, two of their concerts were thankfully broadcast over radio. The first was the concert at the Washington Lisner Auditorium on April 4th (see Tangerine Tree Volume 4: Washington 1977), and Montreal Palace des Arts followed soon after on April 9th. The still existing CHOM-FM radio station aired the complete show, and despite some minor technical flaws (and the disturbing comments from the CHOM-FM presenter during some of the tracks), Tangerine Tree Volume 18: Montreal 1977 is able to present another outstanding performance from the Froese/Franke/Baumann line-up.


The quality of the music alone would justify an official release as it has all the trademarks which made Encore such a fan favourite. For the North American tour, Tangerine Dream always began their concerts with variations on Cherokee Lane and Monolight, which were then followed by music which was, for the most part, completely improvised. The band also appeared onstage with Laserium, an outfit that produced laser light spectacles. Laserium effects were used again for the Cyclone tour in the following year.


Of all the shows Tangerine Dream performed during this tour, nine audience recordings and two radio broadcasts are known to exist; all show a group at their creative peak.


This album has been officially re-released as Montreal - April 9th 1977.


For other concerts released as part of this fan project, please refer to the Chronological Concert Listing.


As with all releases of the Tangerine Tree project, this release is made by fans for fans. It must not be sold but is to be traded freely.


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