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Tangerine Dream


- Live, released 1997 -


CD bootleg release 1997


1.London 75.1, Part Three [Excerpt, wrongly titled Movement Of A Visionary]12:44
2.London 75.1, Part One [Excerpt, wrongly titled Rubycon (Part II)]20:08
3. Vuelo Quimico [performed by Neuronium, wrongly titled Mysterious Semblance At The Stand Of Nightmares]14:00
Total running time46:52


Recording dateApril 02, 1975
Recording site(s)Royal Albert Hall (London)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Michael Hoenig
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Michael Hoenig


The bootleg release Phaedream (note the play on words!) is just one more recording of a well-known concert: It features the 1975 London Royal Albert Hall concert, but it is much shorter than Coefficient Of Aural Expansion, bootlegged from the same event.


The CD looks quite professional at first sight, but there are some mistakes: The front and back cover have photographs of Peter Baumann, Chris Franke and Edgar Froese, which is the wrong line-up, because for this concert TD member Peter Baumann had been replaced by Michael Hoenig. The tracklisting features the titles of three official compositions (with a minor spelling error and a wrong running time for the third title), but the music on Phaedream does not correspond to the tracks on the original albums Phaedra and Rubycon. Furthermore, the third track is no material by Tangerine Dream at all, but a Neuronium track.


There are neither an alleged record company nor a order number printed on the cover. The CD itself has no reference to TD but only the title Phaedream printed on the body. A sticker on some of the CD cases says 'Japanese import'; this is most probably not true, as the origin of this bootleg seems to be Germany.


This bootleg became obsolete due to the release of Tangerine Tree Volume 9: London 1975.


Bootleg-CD: -; turquoise/silver disc
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