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Tangerine Dream

Coefficient Of Aural Expansion

- Live, released 1994 -


CD bootleg release 1994
Temporary artwork

CD bootleg release 1995
Final artwork


1.Coefficient Of Aural Expansion [Excerpt]60:44
Total running time60:44


Recording dateApril 02, 1975
Recording site(s)Royal Albert Hall (London)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Michael Hoenig
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Michael Hoenig


After a lot of rumours, a bootleg CD of the famous London Royal Albert Hall concert of April 2nd, 1975 was finally released in late 1994 named Coefficient Of Aural Expansion. The source of the music obviously are original BBC tapes, as the CD features music not contained on the concert tapes circulating among collectors taken from the BBC broadcast. The origin of the CD was Great Britain.


The first copies came with a so-called 'Temporary artwork', i.e. simple orange paper sheets with black printing. One of the inserts was a re-print of a German (!) newspaper article by Manfred Gillig titled 'Träume von synthetischen Mandarinen?' ('Dreams of synthetic tangerines?').


Most of the CDs were seized by British customs officials. While many collectors still were waiting for the CD copies they had paid for more than one year ago, the CD was re-recorded on CD-R in autumn 1995. Finally, in early 1996, the 'final' release of the bootleg appeared with a regular coloured CD cover booklet. This booklet featured much less information, and the inside photograph was taken from a concert in the late eighties. The CD itself was absolutely identical to the pre-release.


The alleged record company is called 'Mirage Sound', the alleged order number printed on the CD is CDV104. While the pre-release version was called Coefficient Of Aural Expansion One, indicating that there would be a second part, the final release did not mention that it was the first of a two-part recording. Only a CD-R version of the second part of the concert had been released in 1995.


This bootleg became obsolete due to the release of Tangerine Tree Volume 9: London 1975.


1994: 'Mirage'
Bootleg-CD: CDV104; temporary artwork
1995: 'Mirage'
Bootleg-CD: CDV104; final artwork
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