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Luminous Visions

Soundtrack by Tangerine Dream

- Compilation, released April 1998 -


VHS release USA 1998

DVD release USA 1998

CD release USA 1998


1.Jungle Journey (Reptile Mix) [1995 remix]6:20
2.Towards The Evening Star 6:16
3.Rough Embrace 5:30
4.Catwalk (Black Ink Mix) [1995 remix]8:15
5.Touchwood (Forest Mix) [1995 remix]4:05
6.Change Of The Gods 7:19
7.Bride In Cold Tears (Motown Monk Mix) [1995 remix]5:31
8.Little Blond In The Park Of Attractions (Thai Dub) [1995 remix]4:12
9.Firetongues (Break Freak Mix) [1995 remix]6:18
10.Sojus 9:21
11.Flashflood 7:00
12.Midwinter Night 4:38
Total running time74:45


Recording date1994 - 1997


Luminous Visions is not a soundtrack featuring new TD material. The music consists of well-known tracks from the following albums:



In fact, there was no musical but an optical art idea behind the set which contained the CD. Luminous Visions is another project in the "Mind's Eyes" series of the Japanese computer artist Yoichiro Kawaguchi. The video shows colourful patterns, computer landscapes, geometric forms, "cyber life" creatures like plants, underwater animals, or microbiological forms, as well as the growth of a "virtual embryo". Everything is always moving and changing forms and colours, creating something like a "morphogenesis". The video material is supposed to form a link between technology, art and organic life, the cover text states. The CD contains no new material.


All CDs with violet colour have the writing "LSK 3926. Demonstration only. Not for sale." The LSK numbers appear on all CDs, also those included in VHS and DVD sets. Besides those CDs, also promo CDs have been issued.


More information about this video is available at The Internet Movie Database.


1998: Sony
VHS+CD: LV 49924; including Promo-CD with ref. number LSK 41016
DVD+CD: LVD 49484; including Promo-CD with ref. number LSK 3926
DVD+CD: LVD 49484; including Promo-CD with ref. number LSK 41016 in black paper sleeve
Promo-CD: ASK 3926; violet disk; promotional printing 'Demonstration only. Not for sale.'
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