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Jim & Pablo

Der Meteor

Originalmusik Tangerine Dream

- Studio, released November 1997 -


CD release Germany 1997
Design: Gisela Kloetzer


1. Haus der Welt I2:24
2. Ein Traum2:55
3. Am Hafen3:11
4. Unheimliches passiert5:16
5. Der Professor3:00
6. Das Buch Midrad4:22
7. In der Bibliothek6:08
8. Der Heliograph2:28
9. Die Helden der Stadt5:04
10. Im Labor1:46
11. Haus der Welt II6:25
Total running time42:59


Recording date1997
Recording site(s)Eastgate Studios (Vienna)
Recording engineer(s)Daniel Dafoe
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese


Der Meteor was the first and only release of ten scheduled science fiction audio novels for children in German language. The CDs had been issued without a catalog number, while official distribution had been postponed for later, as well as English and CD-ROM versions. Obviously, the whole project has been cancelled, as none of the planned other releases ever saw the light of day. Below is a list of the planned releases according to the booklet (with additional translations in English):


Das Haus der Welt (The House of the World)
CD1: Der Meteor (The Meteor)
CD2: Der Kristallspiegel (The Crystal Mirror)
CD3: Das Verborgene Land (The Concealed Land)
Das Buch der Könige (The Book of the Kings)
CD4: Die Eiserne Maske (The Iron Mask)
CD5: Die Titanic (The Titanic)
CD6: Atlantis (Atlantis)
CD7: Im Land der Pharaonen (In the Land of the Pharaons)
CD8: Das Große Labyrinth (The Great Labyrinth)
CD9: Im Feuer der Sonne (In the Sun's Fire)
CD10: Der Eisplanet Krypton (Krypton, the Ice Planet)


The story on this CD reports how Jim and Pablo destroy a meteor which causes strange attitudes of men and animals. The text was written by TD's computer assistant Peter Liendl; the band provided some short music clips. The idea resulted from the Rumpelstiltskin project in 1992, TD reported. Unlike that release, Der Meteor contains no pure music tracks; the TD material is only used as background or short intermediate music.


Finally, in 2017, some of the music material was properly released on the album Light Flux.


1997: TDI
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