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DM 2.1

- Compilation/Studio, released May 2007 -


CD release Germany 2007 with sticker
Design: Patrick Schürfeld



Recording date1995 - 2006
Composer(s)Jerome Froese (previously unreleased tracks only)
Musician(s)Jerome Froese (previously unreleased tracks only)


After Jerome Froese had left Tangerine Dream in 2006 he and Edgar Froese cleared their respective rights on the individual compositions created during their 16 year long musical partnership. While Edgar Froese had started to release numerous compilations with his material from former albums, Jerome Froese chose to re-release material from the Dream Mixes series -- hence the name DM 2.1.


The album contains three tracks from the album The Dream Mixes (1995) and five from the album TimeSquare (1997) which apparently were soundwise cleaned-up a bit but not remixed. To make this release interesting to those who already owned these original releases, Jerome Froese decided to add two bonus tracks. One of them is a version of Pixel Pirates which is some three minutes longer than the one released on TimeSquare, the other, Paranormal Skills is a previously unreleased composition, recorded in 2006.


The cover artwork, reminiscent of that of The Past Hundred Moons (2001), is completely new, and the disc has a special, red surface. Notably, neither cover nor the CD itself feature the full name of Tangerine Dream but the well-known abbreviation TD only (probably due to copyright reasons).


Liner Notes by Jerome Froese"Dear buyer!
Well, now you are holding it in your dear hands: the first compilation from the Dream Mixes series, ever! Why did we release this? Simple answer: because there was a demand for it! More often than not, compilations happen to be the best selling albums of a particular artist, enabling him to increase his following. Many people will just grab a compilation thinking: 'Well, I'll just get this one first to get a basic overview without having to buy every single release of artist xyz!' This is the main target audience that this particular release is designed to appeal to. Anyone who will now start complaing because he believes he will 'have' to buy this release just for the reason of completion -- rest assured: you do not! But, since you are reading these lines now, it is probably already too late. In order to prevent you from falling into deep depressions and self-doubts, I have chosen to pay for an entirely new cover artwork (thus creating new jobs and helping our economy!) and included some sensational, unreleased bonus tracks.
Furthermore I have ruined my health with way too much coffeine, in order to compile the best tracks (IMHO) from the first two parts. Of course, you will notice that some of the tracks have stood the test of time better than others, but when I was going through the material, I was enjoying the songs again a lot. It is hard to believe that it took me little more than two months (DM1 - 1995 and DM2 - 1997) altogether to create these albums. This was the first Tangerine Dream related project that I had worked on completely autonomously.
This, at first, left my surroundings rather sceptical regarding the possible results. The first reaction when I stated what I was doing were along the lines of 'what the heck are you doing? Can't you rather do something worthwhile?' The record company was also not too keen on it, then making the whole thing look like a doomed effort from the start. But, soon after the release of DM1 in 1995, we were flooded with positive feedback on the album and many tracks from the album were licensed across the globe. In the end, the whole thing turned out to be a veritable success, that was even topped by the following installments of the series, both musically and commercially. The remix series soon ranged among the most successful Tangerine Dream releases of the past 15 years.
OK, enough talking... crank up the stereo and let the sounds speak for themselves!
Best regards,


2007: Moonpop
CD: moon cd-707; red-surfaced disc
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