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(Voices In The Net, September 2021)


With One Times One, released in late 2007, Eastgate started to issue so-called 'cupdisc' releases, that is, CDs with a running time of about 40 minutes (about the time classic vinyl albums offered back in the 70s and 80s), in most cases wrapped in a simple cardboard sleeve instead of a jewel case.


The Eastgate Music Shop about the first cupdisc release"One Times One is not just a new CD release we can offer you -- it's a NEW FORMAT which can be seen as a fair priced -- so far missing -- link between single disc formats and the regular CD format. The playing time will be at least 35 minutes minimum and will not exceed 45 minutes. Surprise price: 10 € for each coming CD of this new series. [...] Eastgate Music will continue this series on a regular basis. Enjoy these partly very ambient tracks while having a cup of tea or coffee with your friends! :-)"



Notably, some of the later releases of this series do no longer meet the limits regarding the playing time mentioned above: they range from less than 31 minutes up to almost 78 minutes.


Particles (December 2016) was the first of a number of 'double cupdisc' releases, which consist of two CDs housed in a cardboard gatefold cover instead of a simple cardboard sleeve.


By now, the series includes the releases listed below:




* These cupdiscs came with a standard jewel case instead of a cardboard sleeve.
** These are 'double cupdisc' releases.
*** These cupdiscs were released in digipacks instead of simple cardboard sleeves.


Furthermore, in 2008, Eastgate began to release a small series of so-called 'mini cupdiscs'. Like the regular 'cupdiscs' they are packaged in simple cardboard sleeves instead of jewel cases, but they only have a playing time of about 15 minutes each. In fact, those 'mini cupdiscs' just continue a series of EPs in similar packages that were previously issued, including Space Flight Orange (2005), 40 Years Roadmap To Music, Metaphor (both 2006), Sleeping Watches Snoring In Silence, Bells Of Accra, and One Night In Space (all 2007). By now, the series includes the discs listed below:




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