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1979, March 17 - 1979, April 11

Germany Tour 1979




March 17Essen Grugahalle (Germany)
March 18Bremen Stadthalle (Germany)
March 19Berlin Deutschlandhalle (Germany)
March 21Hannover Eilenridehalle (Germany)
March 22Münster Münsterlandhalle (Germany)
March 23Cologne Sporthalle (Germany)
March 26Offenbach Stadthalle (Germany)
April 11Munich Olympiahalle (Germany)


This tour was completely cancelled.


Edgar Froese: "We were on the border of overturning everything. We got a 100,000 DM laser show, 100,000 DM stage equipment. We got everything and it was so... so superficial. [...] We used the Laserium twice, once in America and once in Europe, but they are not the best anymore, so now we have got our own equipment. They are fine guys. We really like what they have done. Anyway, we were going to tour after the release of Force Majeure. Everything was booked -- Wembley in London... [...] Everything was finalised, but then we decided that the whole thing was just blown up too much. We remembered how we had started -- in the small places. [...] We think it is definitely better to play five times at The Hammersmith, than just once at Wembley. You know it was the time when all the big bands like Supertramp, Yes and ELO were touring round the world, and everything was blown up; one billion dollars for the spaceship, one million for this and one million for that. You know, they all spent millions on their stage equipment, and what for? I mean a lot of bands just play their tape recorders -- 50 percent of their music comes out of their instruments and the rest is tapes. If you reach that sort of unreal level, or if you are just in the business for doing that sort of thing, then I believe you cannot call yourself a musician anymore. You are just a salesman. So we just cancelled everything, and we decided that we would go on the road when we were small enough. I think all this big money kills; the really big tour kills." (Interview with Neumusik, January 1980)


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