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Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Tree Volume 52: Cologne 1972

- Live, released August 2004 -


CD-R fan release 2004
Design: Maff
Graphics: Maff & Nick Stevens


1.Klangwald 1 37:22
2.Klangwald 2 40:40
Total running time78:02


Recording dateNovember 25th, 1972 (?)
Recording site(s)WDR Sendesaal (Cologne) (?)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann


Tangerine Tree Volume 52: Cologne 1972 is another highlight of this fan project, presenting a totally unknown recording from 1972. Originally a mono recording, the music has nothing to do with the already known Cologne 25 Nov 1972 show (an FM recording with announcer; this one was planned to be released in a later volume of this series), although it is certainly from the same period considering the instruments used. It contains two long tracks, and it's not really sure if it has been really recorded during that show.


In 2011, the main Tangerine Tree organiser reported about the recording: "I received this a few years ago from a Belgian collector. I can't even recall his name, or if he was/is part of the tadream list. I got an email in which he offered me a tape from the 'Klangwald' show, and of course I said 'great!', hoping that he had a superior copy of the show than what was in circulation at that time. As some of you may know I even contacted radio and TV stations and bought pricey master copies for the Tangerine Tree series [...], but the 'Klangwald' show was unobtainable. You can imagine my surprise when I first heard the cassette (an old one which had 'Klangwald' written on it). Despite an awful amount of tape hiss it was clear that this was a different recording. I then passed it on to [...] who did the usual excellent remastering job. How the Belgian fan got hold of it I guess we'll never know. Musically it fits right into the late '72/early '73 kind of music TD was playing, and although I wasn't quite convinced I labelled the TT52 disc as 'Klangwald', knowing that it must have been a pretty long show if you'd combine it with what we already knew before!"


Thus, it is quite likely that the origin of this recording is one of those 1972 shows no recording is known of. Anyway, the music is brillant, an improvised cosmic classic which perfectly fits into the Zeit and Atem period. The sound quality is very good, given the age of the recording which seems to be taken directly from a studio session or a live soundboard.


For other concerts released as part of this fan project, please refer to the Chronological Concert Listing.


This album has been officially re-released as bonus disk of the 2011 re-release of Zeit.


As with all releases of the Tangerine Tree project, this release is made by fans for fans. It must not be sold but is to be traded freely.


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