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Tangerine Dream

Towards The Evening Star

Remixed by The Orb

- Studio, released April 1997 -


CD-5 release Europe 1997

Promo-CD-5 release Europe 1997


1.Towards The Evening Star (Mandarin Cream Remix) [1996 remix by The Orb]8:31
2.Towards The Evening Star 6:16
Total running time14:47


Recording date1996
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, The Orb
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, The Orb


Two tapes and characters of electronic musicians meet on one record to perform the same track, and the results are quite different: TD provided Towards The Evening Star, the opening track from Goblins Club as base material for a Mandarin Cream Remix by the famous British techno band The Orb. There is hardly any similarity in style and sound to be discovered between the TD original and The Orb remix track.


After TD have often been copied, sampled or imitated by Techno musicians or DJs without the permission of the band, Towards The Evening Star was to be the first "official" Techno remix of a TD track -- of course besides the ones Jerome Froese did on The Dream Mixes. For the first time TD had given anybody a multitrack master to work from. However, in the end the band was not quite satisfied with the result and especially with the way it had been made. TD referred to a statement in the Future Sound magazine where The Orb had explained their disappointment as far as their working relationship with TD is concerned. "Edgar and Jerome didn't like The Orb's Radio Edit Mix of Towards The Evening Star, that's true", TD explained. But both agreed to the Club release. TD remarked that "none of The Orb members did ever contact TD or tried to communicate directly -- Edgar and Jerome like to talk to musicians and not to business executives lawyers or the staff members of someone's office. Main reason to be in the business is the music itself."


The Towards The Evening Star Promo Sheet

The London based Slice agency provided a promo sheet that was distributed with the promo-12" of Towards The Evening Star.

(Click on the images to see a larger version of the sheet in a new browser window)


1997: When!/Castle
CD-5: WEN X 1022; digipack with green/yellow sticker 'remixed by the orb'
Promo-CD-5: WEN X 1022; digipack with black/white sticker 'FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY NOT FOR RESALE'
12": WEN T 1022; black labels with white writing; clear green glittering vinyl
Promo-12": WEN T 1022; neutral white cover; white label with black writing plus promo statement on side A (incorrectly saying that TD is on 'this side' and The Orb remix is on the 'other side'), white label on side B; three promo sheets
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