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Johannes Schmoelling

Time And Tide

- Studio, released September 2011 -


CD release Germany 2011
Photo & Design: Andreas Rupprecht


1.Splendid Isolation 7:53
2.Lone Warrior 3:49
3.The Gift 6:47
4.The Answer 5:53
5.Zero Gravity 7:47
6.Beacon Of Hope 5:50
7.Life In The Dark 4:26
8.Genetic Diversity 7:44
9.Time And Tide 9:11
Total running time59:20


Recording date2011
Recording site(s)Riet Studio (Berlin)
Composer(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Jonas Behrens
Musician(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Jonas Behrens
Producer(s)Johannes Schmoelling


"Isolation is the indispensable component to human happiness."
- Glenn Gould


Without much prior information, Johannes Schmoelling released his solo album Time And Tide in late September 2011 on his own label Viktoriapark. This time there is no reworking of former material at all; the complete material seems to be completely new without any references to older compositions from his TD days.


Notably, only four of the nine compositions of the album are solo compositions by Johannes Schmoelling -- his son Jonas Behrens provides one track (The Gift that is dedicated to his late grandmother) of his own as he did on the previous album, A Thousand Times. The four remaining compositions are a team effort by father and son. Thus, while the album still is clearly cognizable as a work by Johannes Schmoelling, there is some fresh air that seems to be the direct consequence of this collaboration.


2011: Viktoriapark
CD: VP 18 103
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