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Tangerine Dream

The Soldier

Original Soundtrack Recording

- Album, released October 2020 -


Download release Europe 2020


1.Main Titles 2:03
2.Cue #1: Variation On Logos #1 [Early version]4:55
3.Cue #2: Variation On Horizon #1 [Early version of Section 1]2:59
4.Cue #3: The Soldier #1 5:45
5.Cue #4: Variation On Dolphin Dance [Early version]1:28
6.Cue #5: Variation On Tangent #1 [Early version of Section 2]2:28
7.Cue #6: The Soldier #2 3:46
8.Cue #7: The Soldier #3 1:50
9.Cue #8: The Soldier #4 3:12
10.Cue #9: The Soldier #5 4:21
11.Cue #10: Variation On Horizon #2 [Early version of Section 4]5:17
12.Cue #11: The Soldier #6 2:54
13.Cue #12: The Soldier #7 1:43
14.Cue #13: Variation On Logos #2 [Early version]2:11
15.Cue #14: The Soldier #8 7:29
16.Cue #15: Variation On Horizon #3 [Early version of Section 4]7:48
17.End Titles 7:20
Total running time67:29


Recording date1981 / 1982
Recording site(s)Polygon Studio & Amber Studio (West-Berlin)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling, Martin Deuker (guitar on 17)


The Soldier features the (almost) complete and in entirety previously unreleased material from the soundtrack, recorded back in 1981/82. Unlike other soundtracks of that period, like Thief or The Keep, this material had not been prepared by Tangerine Dream for a proper release as a soundtrack album.


Quoting Wouter Bessels from the book accompanying the Pilots Of Purple Twilight box set: "Although the music for The Soldier -- a American Cold War action-thriller film directed by James Glickenhaus -- was delivered by the band in early 1982, Edgar Froese made a raw compilation at his Amber Studio in June 1982 to deliver to Virgin. The tape lacks an album structure (eg. 'side 1' and 'side 2'), but offers a wide range of material the band was to develop in the following years."


Besides several original compositions there are a number of variations (or, more appropriate: early versions) of compositions that were later released on the albums Logos Live (1982), Poland (1984) and Underwater Sunlight (1986). Fans had hoped for an official release of this soundtrack for a long time, so it has been a more than nice surprise to see this happen as part of the Pilots Of Purple Twilight box set.


Additionally The Soldier was released as an individual download version, though no physical release on CD or vinyl has seen the light of day by now.


2020: Virgin/Universal
Download: complete album or individual tracks
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