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Tangerine Dream

The Canyon Dreams

- Soundtrack, released 1991 -


LP pirate release 1991


1.Shadow Flyer 7:05
2.Canyon Carver 4:15
3.A Matter Of Time 8:42
4.Water's Gift 5:21
5.Canyon Voices 4:23
6.Sudden Revelation 4:48
7.Native Discovery 2:04
Total running time36:38


Recording date1987
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Paul Haslinger
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Paul Haslinger


TD's video album Canyon Dreams, produced in 1987, had easily gone gold in worldwide sales and won high credits for the soundtrack. Miramar wouldn't release Canyon Dreams on CD before late 1991, and consequently the bootleggers supplied the fans with what they wanted: a pre-release of the official CD on a pirate LP The Canyon Dreams. A full printed cover and multicoloured vinyl point to an edition of several hundred copies. The music was taken from the Laserdisc video release and thus is slightly different than on the original soundtrack album.


The pirate was re-released in 1992 in four colour variation; the second edition is said to be some 400 copies, but it is unknown how many copies have been made of the different version.


1991: 'Tangy Records Col.'
Pirate-LP: 4711; blue marbled vinyl, black/blue labels
1992: 'Tangy Records Col.'
Pirate-LP: 4711; opaque blue vinyl, yellow/black labels
Pirate-LP: 4711; opaque blue/black marbled vinyl, yellow/black labels
Pirate-LP: 4711; transparent blue/black marbled vinyl, yellow/black labels
Pirate-LP: 4711; black/blue marbled vinyl, yellow/black labels
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