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Tangerine Dream

- Compilation/Studio, released November 1994 -


Promo-CD release USA 1994

Promo-CD release USA 1994


1.White Eagle [1994 remix]4:14
2.Cloudburst Flight 7:13
3.Hyperborea [1994 re-recording]8:37
4.Force Majeure [1994 remix]5:31
5.Dominion [1994 remix]4:49
6.Cinnamon Road [1994 remix]4:14
7.Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares [1994 remix]7:05
8.Ricochet [1994 remix]7:17
9.Phaedra [1994 re-recording]4:51
10.Monolight (Yellow Part) [1994 remix]7:15
Total running time61:06


Recording date1973 - 1983 / 1994


Virgin's Tangerine Dream promotional CD for the US market compiles ten tracks from the Tangents box. All tracks were taken from the first three CDs, containing remixes and re-recordings of old live and studio material, but no music from CD four (soundtracks) and CD five (previously unreleased material) was used for the promotional CD.


The CD has no cover; it comes with a white/silver-grey inlay listing the tracks. Only few information is printed onto the disc: the band's name, the product code, the titles and a promotional statement. There are two versions of the disc: The "main" issue is white, and the writing is left in silver colour of the CD body. For the light green version of the CD, a different font type was used.


1994: Virgin
Promo-CD: DPRO 14221; white disc
Promo-CD: DPRO 14221; light green disc
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