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Jerome Froese

Preventive Medicine

- Studio, released September 2010 -


CD release Germany 2010



Recording date2010
Recording site(s)Noontide (Berlin)
Composer(s)Jerome Froese
Musician(s)Jerome Froese
Producer(s)Jerome Froese


In September 2010 a new CD was released by Jerome Froese, including four previously unreleased tracks, one of them taken from the forthcoming full-length album Far Side Of The Face, at that time scheduled for release in 2011 (in fact, it was delayed until June 2012).


The Cybersounds Shop about the CD release:"Preventive Medicine needed? We'll help!
After a short non-commercial break, it's time now to come back to life. Quite recently we've announced a few new releases for 2010 and we are happy that they now finally come down the stretch. First aid will come in terms of the Preventive Medicine EP which is meant to be a follow up to the 2007 release Precooked Munchies. In contrast to last time, Preventive Medicine will be a factory manufactured release (no CD-R!) limited to 500 copies. The release should be ready to ship on September 13th, 2010. It contains four new tracks incl. one from Jerome's next studio album."


The CD comes without cover artwork in a simple white cut-out cardboard sleeve in a resealable plastic bag. Given this sparse presentation and a running time of some 20 minutes, some fans argued about the rather high price of 15 Euro (plus postage) the CD was advertised first; a short time before release the price was then reduced to 13 Euro by the label (still not a bargain for an EP).


2010: Moonpop
CD: moon ltdcd-002; picture disc, limited edition of 500 copies
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