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Cristopher Franke

New Music For Films Vol 1

- Soundtrack, released January 1993 -


CD release USA 1993


1.Main Title 2:31
2.Big Country 2:57
3.Dramatic Ride 2:09
4.The Run 0:36
5.Getting Ready To Attack 2:25
6.Memories Of Maria 1:41
7.The Attack [Excerpt]2:23
8.Will He Return? 1:36
9.Quite Ocean 1:10
10.The Battle Begins 0:30
11.The Victory 2:13
12.Hidden Tears 1:24
13.The Fight 1:19
14.Romance Becomes Pain 4:00
15.The Battle Continues 2:20
16.Mysterious Discovery 1:25
17.Lurking Shadow 6:01
18.The Shock 7:40
19.Dream Sequence 1:00
20.Doomed 4:15
21.Threatening 3:21
22.Quiet Ocean Reprise 1:11
23.Creepy 3:30
24.Steven Stole It 1:57
Total running time59:34


Recording date1991 / 1992
Recording site(s)Sonic Images Studios (Berlin & Los Angeles)
Recording engineer(s)Edgar Rothermich (under the pseudonym 'Richard E. Roth')
Composer(s)Chris Franke, Leor Hod
Musician(s)Chris Franke, The Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra (cond. by Brynmor Jones)
Producer(s)Edgar Rothermich


This soundtrack CD compiles tracks from the movies McBain, Eye Of The Storm and She Woke Up. The track listing gives no information which movie each track is from.


More information about this movie is available at The Internet Movie Database:


1993: Sonic Images/Varese Sarabande
CD: VSD 5393; silver/red disc
1996: Sonic Images
CD: SI 8509-2
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