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Jerome Froese


- Studio, released September 2005 -


CD release Germany 2005
Photo: Monique Froese



Recording date2005
Recording engineer(s)Jerome Froese
Composer(s)Jerome Froese
Musician(s)Jerome Froese
Producer(s)Jerome Froese


"The Bible tells us to love our neighbours and also to love our enemies; probably because they are generally the same people."
- Mark Twain


Neptunes, released in autumn 2005 was Jerome Froese's first full-length album. According to his website, "the music on Neptunes was originally composed for a live set and was not supposed to be released as a Jerome Froese solo album." In fact a live recording of the album material was released years later as Nightshade Family (2011).




From 2007 the album was available as download from Jerome Froese's own Cybersounds web shop; the download was extended in 2008 by a previously unreleased composition, Nemo's Cello. The, at time of writing, current download via Bandcamp misses this track, but it is available as part of the Cases Of Recurrence compilation.


The Bandcamp web site about the download release:"Jerome Froese's first-ever solo album. For those well acquainted with his history, it might not come as a big surprise that a big part of the sound is dominated by Jerome's guitar work. On Neptunes, shoegazing guitar walls meet melodic solos and crystalline acoustic pickings on a distinctive electronic foundation."


2005: Moonpop
CD [a]: moon CD-702
2007: Moonpop/Cybersounds
Download [a]: CSDLNEP; complete release or individual tracks as MP3
2008: Moonpop/Cybersounds
Download [b]: CSDLNEP; complete release (including bonus track) or individual tracks (except bonus track) as MP3
2015: Moonpop/Bandcamp
Download [a]: complete release or individual tracks in several lossless or lossy audio formats
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