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Original Soundtrack from the Hemdale Motion Picture

Miracle Mile

Music Composed and Performed by Tangerine Dream

- Soundtrack, released 1989 -


CD release Germany 1989

CD release Japan 1996 with obi

2CD release USA 2017

LP release UK 2018


1. Galaxy / Tarpits-4:49
2. Pier / Trolley Montage-1:57
3. Cigarette, Bird, Sleep-3:14
4. Car Drive / Phone Call-2:49
5. Landa-3:18
6. Truck Scene-4:53
7. Wilson's Car / Gas Station-3:31
8. Police Car / Julie's Bedroom-3:43
9. Through The Dark / Run Across The Street-3:39
10. Gym-0:49
11. Gym: In-Exterior / Phone Call Theme-4:04
12. Helicopter / Back To The Tarpits-5:10
13. End Title-4:59
14. MX-01-2:26
15. MX-02-2:16
16. MX-03-1:02
17. MX-04-0:53
18. MX-05-1:09
19. MX-06-0:39
20. MX-07-0:54
21. MX-08-0:56
22. MX-09-0:45
23. MX-10-0:55
24.Teetering Scales 3:413:41
25.One For The Books 3:073:06
26.After The Call 5:145:13
27.On The Spur Of The Moment 3:033:04
28.All Of A Dither 3:273:27
29.Final Statement 3:163:17
30.In Julie's Eyes 3:163:17
31.Running Out Of Time 3:313:33
32.If It's All Over 4:374:36
33.People In The News 5:125:12
34.Museum Walk 3:133:13
Total running time41:37100:29


Recording date1988
Recording site(s)Berlin & Vienna
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger
Producer(s)Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger


After Chris Franke had left Tangerine Dream in 1987, the remaining duo of Edgar Froese and Paul Haslinger scored the music for the apocalyptic movie Miracle Mile (German title was Nacht der Entscheidung) in 1988. The movie was directed by Steve De Jarnatt and starring Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham. The corresponding soundtrack album was released by Private Music in 1989.


More information about this movie is available at The Internet Movie Database.




In 2017 the soundtrack album was re-released as a limited edition of 1,000 copies. The first 100 copies ordered came with an extra booklet signed by Paul Haslinger and director Steve De Jarnatt. This re-release consists of two CDs -- while the second one contains the original album version as released in 1989, the first one represents the original score as delivered by TD to the director, essentially as heard in the film's mix. These tracks had never been released commercially before and are distinctly different in tone and texture from the material mixed by TD for the original album release, though they are based on the same musical themes. In addition to these cues that had been composed for specific scenes (tracks 1 to 13), the re-release offers ten short tracks of material intended to be used by the movie's music editor Ken Hall wherever some extra ambient music, rhythms, or tension-inducing bass drones might be needed during the final mix (tracks 14 to 23). The re-release comes with a 8-page fold-out booklet containing several photos from the movie as well as extensive liner notes by Randall D. Larson regarding the movie, the score and the album.


On occasion of the Record Store Day 2018 (on April 21st) the original album was re-released on orange marble vinyl in a limited edition. Another re-release on CD followed in June.


1989: Private/BMG
LP [a]: 150.8042; multi-coloured labels
1989: Private/BMG
LP [a]: 210 016; multi-coloured labels
CD [a]: 260 016
1989: Private/Victor
CD [a]: R32P-1216
Promo-CD [a]: R32P-1216; same as regular release, but with additional red promo sticker
1996: Private/BMG
CD [a]: BVCP-7444; black/red/silver disc; obi
2018: Fire Soundtracks
LP [a]: FROST008LPX; orange marble vinyl; limited edition of 1,000 copies
CD [a]: FROST008CD; cardboard gatefold sleeve
1989: Private
CD [a]: 2047-2-P
2017: Dragons Domain/BSX
2CD [b]: DDR633; multi-coloured discs; limited edition of 100 copies; signed by Paul Haslinger and Steve De Jarnatt
2CD [b]: DDR633; multi-coloured discs; limited edition of 900 copies
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