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Music From The Motion Picture


Music Composed By Tangerine Dream
Produced And Arranged By Brandon K. Verrett

- Studio, released May 2012 -


CD release [a] 2012
Artwork: Jerry Bingham
Design: Mark Banning

Download release [b] 2012

Download release [b] 2015
Artwork: Jerry Bingham
Design: Mark Banning


1.Prologue [Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]2:29-
2.Opening [Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]3:41-
3.Cottage [Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]4:16-
4.Unicorn Theme [Section 1][Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]4:494:49
5.Goblins [Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]2:31-
6.Fairies [Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]2:58-
7.Blue Room [Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]3:58-
8.The Dance [Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]2:20-
9.Darkness [Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]3:10-
10.Kitchen Fight [Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]3:23-
11.Unicorn Theme Reprise [Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]1:45-
12.Jack Versus Darkness [Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]3:29-
13.Unicorn Saga [[Section 1][Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]3:52-
14.Loved By The Sun [Vocal version; arranged by Brandon K. Verrett; vocals performed by Katie Campbell]6:28-
15.The Unicorn Song [Vocal version; arranged by Brandon K. Verrett; vocals performed by Katie Campbell]3:19-
16. Is Your Love Strong Enough [Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett; vocals performed by Katie Campbell]5:32-
17.Cottage - Alternate [Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]3:19-
18.Unicorn Theme - Alternate [Section 1][Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]4:43-
19.Fairies - Alternate [Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]2:50-
20.Unicorn Saga - Alternate [Section 1][Arranged by Brandon K. Verrett]4:34-
Total running time73:264:49


Recording date2012
Recording engineer(s)Max Blomgren
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Brandon K. Verrett (arrangements), Peggy Baldwyn (cello), Katie Campbell (vocals), Joojyun Park (piano), Thom Rotella (guitar), Martin St. Pierre (erhu, violin), Lisa Yamamoto (flute)
Producer(s)Mark Banning, Brandon K. Verrett


In May 2012 BSX released a new version of Tangerine Dream's soundtrack Legend (1986). Notably, the band was in no way involved with this album, instead this is a completely re-recorded, orchestral re-arrangement of music composed by TD, performed by several musicians and singers.


The music selected for the re-recording is somewhat strange as it does not only contain the compositions from the original soundtrack album but also from the bootleg album Legend (2005) that itself compiled some officially unreleased music music material. In some cases, even the track titles from that bootleg release were re-used.


2012: BSX
CD [a]: BSXCD-8909; limited edition of 1,500 copies
2012: BSX
Download [b]:
2015: BSX
Download [a]:
Download [b]:
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