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Christopher Franke

Enchanting Nature

- Compilation/Studio, released August 1994 -


CD release USA 1994
Design: Doerte Lau
Layout: Caroline Smalley
Photo: A.S.P. Photography

CD release Japan 1998 with obi
Design: Doerte Lau
Layout: Caroline Smalley
Photo: A.S.P. Photography


1.Gate Of The Shimmering Cave 2:12
2.Song Of The Creek [1994 remix]5:06
3.Dancing Over Pools [1994 remix]3:09
4.Celtic Mist 3:51
5.When The Sun Loves Trees [1994 remix]3:29
6.Silence Of The Eclipse [1994 remix]4:50
7.Stream Garden [1994 remix]3:40
8.Purple Waves 5:08
9.Malibu Trail 4:22
10.Beach Park 4:50
11.Big Sur Romance 2:19
12.Silent Waves [1994 remix]3:47
13.Woodland Watercolors [1994 remix]4:30
14.Inside The Cave [1994 remix]5:44
Total running time56:57


Recording engineer(s)Edgar Rothermich (under the pseudonym 'Richard E. Roth')
Composer(s)Chris Franke
Musician(s)Chris Franke
Producer(s)Edgar Rothermich


Enchanting Nature is a CD containing a lot of new versions of well-known tracks; only two tracks -- Gate Of The Shimmering Cave and Celtic Mist -- are new tracks. The remaining tracks are remixes or even identical versions of compositions from the following albums (but most of them with different titles):



The "remixes in earthtones" (backcover text) are "dedicated to planet earth" (booklet text) to promote the preservation of nature. The picture CD shows water surface in blue and white. The booklet features many high quality nature photographs.


From the CD cover"Nature is an art form, and it's beauty is often captured through music and paintings. Christopher Franke is influenced by visual art. As a creator of visual music, he has given us a blend of uplifting sonic paintings and sound sculptures dedicated to the environment. The intention of combining his art with glimpses of the natural world, that most of us would otherwise not see, is to intensify the impression of music through images. This album will stir your imagination, consciousness and interaction with nature. Allow yourself to become enchanted."


1998: Earthtone/Green Energy
CD: GECC3759; booklet and disc identical to 1994 US version; additional japanese insert and obi
1994: Earthtone
CD: ET 7401-2
2002: Earthtone
CD: ETD 5401
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