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Jerome Froese

Einzelkind EP

- Studio, released October 2011 -


CD release Germany 2011
Photo: Monique Froese


1.Glasmenagerie 5:14
2.Sprachlabor 5:55
Total running time11:09


Recording date2011
Recording site(s)Noontide (Berlin)
Composer(s)Jerome Froese
Musician(s)Jerome Froese
Producer(s)Jerome Froese


"Childhood is that wonderful time of life when all you need to do to lose weight is take a bath."
- Unknown


In October 2011 Jerome Froese released Einzelkind EP, being the first (and so far only) issue of the so-called "Moonloop" series.


The Moonpop web site about the series:"Every issue of this product will contain a specific motto and two titles of music with an undetermined length. As a special treat, the first 15 copies of every edition will be unique and handcrafted CD-R's made by Jerome himself with 15 special visual themes of the motto."


Obviously, the motto of the first release is the fact that Jerome was the only child (in German: Einzelkind) of his parents Monika and Edgar Froese. The cover artwork uses a photo made by Monique Froese during TD's first Japan tour, showing 13-year old Jerome in a hotel room in front of a TV set.


The CD comes in a printed cardboard sleeve and features two new compositions of some five minutes each; unusually, Jerome Froese chose titles from his native German language this time. Translated into English they would be titled Glass Menagerie and Language Laboratory, respectively. According to the back cover, most sounds of the latter track were taken from old video and handheld consoles -- one can assume that these might have played a significant role during Jerome's childhood.


The regular EP was accompanied by the first (and so far only) "unicum edition" of 15 unique designed and hand-numbered CD-Rs according to the theme of the EP. According to the booklet of Cases Of Recurrence, the complete edition was immediately sold to a fan in southern Europe only one day after announcement.


2011: Moonpop
CD: MOON LOOP-001; yellow/black disc, cardboard sleeve, limited edition of 500 copies
CD-R: MOON LOOP-001; limited edition of 15 individual hand-made copies
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