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Dream Music 2

Movie Music Composed By Tangerine Dream

- Compilation/Studio, released October 1995 -


CD release Europe 1995

CD release USA 1995


1.Opening [Part of the track Legend - Suite][Performed by Mark Ayres]3:09
2.Unicorn Theme [Section 1][Part of the track Legend - Suite][Performed by Mark Ayres]3:15
3.Intersection - Trailer Music [Performed by John Beal]1:51
4.In The Pond [Part of the track Dead Solid Perfect - Suite]1:16
5.Beverly Leaves [Part of the track Dead Solid Perfect - Suite]0:59
6.Of Cads And Caddies [Part of the track Dead Solid Perfect - Suite]2:13
7.Tournament Montage [Part of the track Dead Solid Perfect - Suite]2:38
8.A Whore In One [Part of the track Dead Solid Perfect - Suite]2:14
9.Sand Trap [Part of the track Dead Solid Perfect - Suite]1:22
10.In The Rough [Part of the track Dead Solid Perfect - Suite]0:42
11.Nine Iron [Part of the track Dead Solid Perfect - Suite]1:39
12.U.S. Open [Part of the track Dead Solid Perfect - Suite]1:41
13.Footbridge To Heaven 3:00
14.Twilight Painter 4:12
15.Desire 5:38
16.Theme From Streethawk [Performed by Daniel Caine]3:13
17.Dylan's Future 4:42
18.Dylan's At Home Alone 3:32
19.Widow Maker Race 2:43
20.Dylan's Triumph 4:17
21.Catch Me If You Can Main Theme 1:45
22.Risky Business - Love On A Real Train [Performed by Mark Ayres]4:28
Total running time60:29


Recording date1985 - 1989
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger (previously unreleased tracks only)
Musician(s)Mark Ayres, John Beal, Daniel Caine (previously unreleased tracks only)


In 1995 the Silva Screen label, which had released some Tangerine Dream soundtrack albums before published another compilation of TD music, using a misleading title and subtitle: Only the material from the soundtrack albums listed below was played by Tangerine Dream:



The rest of this album (tracks 1 to 3, 16 and 22) consists of cover versions. But this fact can only be read in little letters on the back insert and on the booklet inner side. The first look alleges that the CD is a regular TD Compilation like the first Dream Music CD issued by Silva in 1993. The text does not mention any reason why Silva did not take original TD material for all the tracks.


This compilation contains no new material by Tangerine Dream, though a number of tracks from Legend and Dead Solid Perfect have been compiled to a 'Suite' for this release. Thus, the track listing as printed on booklet and back insert reads:
  1. LEGEND - Suite 7:22
  2. INTERSECTION - Trailer Music 1:51
  3. DEAD SOLID PERFECT - Suite 14:39
  4. Footbridge To Heaven 2:56
  5. Twilight Painter 4:16
  6. Desire 5:35
  8. Dylan's Future 4:43
  9. Dylan's At Home Alone 3:28
  10. Widow-Maker Race 2:45
  11. Dylan's Triumph 4:17
  12. Catch Me If You Can Main Theme 1:47
  13. RISKY BUSINESS - Love On A Real Train 4:28


After release, Edgar Froese was very upset with the entire behaviour of this British-based company. He simply called this "raping other peoples integrity and creativity for ugly money -- it's absolutely disgusting and embarrassing." Unfortunately TD had limited rights to take legal action against this company, because they had bought the rights directly from the film studios in the USA without notifying TD's legal and business department. TD in fact has never given permission nor has any of the band members ever contributed to the release of such compilations. In TD's view, they are "musically worthless, because of the way that they have been compiled and partly 're-recorded' by some unknown studio musicians -- a project of complete nonsense".


Ford A. Thaxton, who had compiled and produced the CD, does not share Edgar Froese's and many collectors' low opinion of this item. "These compilations are aimed not at the die-hard fan, but rather the causal fan who simply wants a 'Greatest Hits' CD", says Thaxton. He concedes to "know that some don't agree with what I did in this CD, but the sales have been very good and that in the end is what matters."


1995: Silva Screen
1995: Silva America
CD: SSD 1053
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