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Tangerine Dream

Booster II

- Compilation/Studio, released December 2008 -


CD release Germany 2008
Artwork: Bianca Froese-Acquaye

Download release 2009
Artwork: Bianca Froese-Acquaye


1.Cloudburst Flight 2008 [2008 re-recording]8:09
2.Scrapyard 2008 [2008 re-recording]4:09
3.A Streetcar Named Desire 8:14
4.The Last Wave [2008 remix]5:23
5.Modesty And Greed 7:03
6.Hunter Shot By A Yellow Rabbit 9:31
7.Boat To China 7:27
8.No Man's Land 2008 [2008 re-recording]9:41
9.Desert Dream (Palm Desert Version) [1994 re-recording]4:02
10.Exit To Heaven [2008 remix]4:43
11.Sadness Of Echnaton Losing The World Child 6:23
12.Huckebee's Dream 10:46
13.Angel In Barbed Wire Robe 4:33
14.La Boca Race [2008 remix]9:53
15.Tomorrow Never Knows 5:09
16.Oracular World [Extended version]4:42
17.Fire On The Mountain 7:39
18.Sunshift 7:15
19.Beyond The Cottage And The Lake [2008 re-recording of Section 2]4:39
20.Trauma 9:25
Total running time138:46


Recording date2008
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, John Lennon, Paul McCartney (previously unreleased tracks only)
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, Bernhard Beibl (previously unreleased tracks only)


"Still here...."


Booster II is the second release of the Booster series that includes the following albums:



Besides three completely new tracks and five previously unreleased remixes (or re-recordings) of older compositions the set features twelve tracks that origin from the following albums:



The Eastgate Music Shop about the CD release"Booster supposed to be a musical side reflection -- a hidden TD landmark not aimed for a TD mainstream success. But sometimes things were turned upside down. The whole cup disc idea which now became a short note musical diary format plus some extras released on Booster provoked such an enthusiastic reaction that we couldn't refuse to give you Booster II -- here it is. Call it 'Booster 2' or like veggie Ed named it 'Biophysiological Soul Vitamines'... If that isn't strange enough he did threatening all of us with producing a series Booster 1 to Booster 10!! No comment about that guy from our side! :-)
PS: Booster II contains 8 so far unreleased tracks: totally new ones or re-recorded ones -- you will be surprised!"


Regarding the initial Eastgate CD release, neither CD nor the paper inserts show any order number or barcode, but the number given below is the order number the Eastgate Music Shop lists this release.


The Loreley Postcard

The first 300 customers who ordered the CD release of Booster II via the Eastgate Web Shop received a free postcard showing the Tangerine Dream line-up as of 2008, signed by Edgar Froese, of approx. 15cm by 21cm size. Originally this postcard was issued on occasion of the Loreley concert as featured on the release Loreley. The photo shows Edgar Froese, Linda Spa, Bernhard Beibl, Thorsten Quaeschning and Iris Camaa.

(Click on the image to see a larger version of the postcard in a new browser window)


In March 2009 this release became available as MP3 download at the Tangerine Dream Download Shop as well.


2008: Eastgate
2CD: eastgate 033 CD; slim double jewel case; multicoloured discs; matrix codes: 9285/8B43 and 9285/8B44
2009: Eastgate
Download: complete release or individual tracks as MP3
2010: Purple Pyramid/Cleopatra
2CD: CLP 9138-2
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