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Tangerine Dream

Antique Dream Land

- Compilation, released October 2007 -


Download release 2007
Artwork: Edgar Froese


1.Calymba Caly [Section Ancient Part, including part of Thermal Inversion]9:52
2.Flock Of Bluebirds [2000 remix]3:36
3.Moorland [2000 remix]4:05
4.Oedipus Tyrannus [2000 remix]5:38
5.Astral Voyager [Excerpt]6:14
6.Phaedra Of Nottingham [1988 live version]5:20
7.Green Desert [1995 remix]5:28
8.Sorcerer And Thief 6:34
9.Southend Mall 4:31
10.Cool Breeze Of Brighton [1986 live version]10:21
11.Speed Dragon [2000 remix]3:18
12.Edinburgh Castle 8:42
Total running time73:39


Recording date1973 - 1986


Antique Dream Land is more or less a re-release of the album Antique Dreams (2000), featuring ten of the original twelve compositions; two tracks (Ultima Thule, Part One and House Of The Rising Sun) were replaced by compositions from the album Green Desert (1973, released 1986) in their reworked versions as released on the boxed set i-Box (2000). So this compilation contains no new material.


The Tangerine Dream Download Shop about this release"Antique Dream Land starts a series of older recordings which have been a traditional part of Tangerine Dream's work in the past decades. Antique Dream Land is featuring partly live and studio tracks which have been previously released on various other recordings. Newly compiled and remastered they will become another brick within the huge wall of Tangerine Dream's timeless work."


This is a virtual album release, available from the Tangerine Dream Download Shop only. At time of writing no proper 'physical' CD release of this album does exist.


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