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2014, April 03
Copenhagen Tivolis Koncertsal



Date2014, April 03
VenueTivolis Koncertsal
Line-upEdgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, Linda Spa, Iris Camaa, Hoshiko Yamane

Set List


The Copenhagen concert was announced for the first time in December 2013.


Announcement from the Tangerine Dream web site

"The next year's Phaedra Farewell Tour will start with a sensational opener in Denmark: TD will perform for the first time ever the complete score of William Friedkin's movie Sorcerer at the Copenhagen Film Festival CPH PIX on 3rd APRIL 2014. This performance will be a world premiere in the presence of the director William Friedkin and about 90 min long plus encores.
The well-known soundtrack of TD's first Hollywood movie can be heard in a newly arranged setting including some extra material which didn't find its way into the original movie score. The extra score came from some sheet music Edgar wrote back in 1976 for the movie. Sorcerer will be performed in the great Tivoli Concert Hall. Don't miss this unique concert -- TD's first time in Denmark with such an extraordinary set!"



Though officially part of the Phaedra Farewell Tour 2014, this concert is listed separately on this site; especially the music performed was completely different from that of the European concerts in May/June.


In an exclusive interview by Tommy Jacobsen, Jacob Pertou and Peter Ravn for Jacobs Tangerine Dream Blog Edgar Froese about Tangerine Dream finally visiting Denmark for the first time: "I thought I would never come to Scandinavia. We came because Sorcerer, with our soundtrack for Hollywood, became a Blu-Ray format, and now the director is travelling around the world, in order to promote the Blu-Ray. The film academy here invited us to perform the entire score. That's why we're here."


Advertisement for the Copenhagen concert

Thanks to Jacob Pertou for providing this ad.

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Surprisingly to many TD fans, long time member of the TD live line-up Bernhard Beibl was not present on stage for the first time in eight years. One day before the concert he had posted an according announcement on his homepage.


Announcement from the Bernhard Beibl web site

"Dear TD fans,
I'm very sad to announce, that I will not be touring with Tangerine Dream this year. After more than 7 years giving my best on stage and in the studio this is a very difficult step I have to take. I have been continuously asked by TD to play for very little money since 2010 because the so called 'promotion-gigs' didn't have that much budget. This was never a problem for me as long as I could help the band I always felt very proud to be a part of. But this year TD decided to cut the fees even more -- although the final 'Farewell Tour' simply can never be classified as a 'promotion tour' IMHO -- and go down to a level where I would lose money when going on tour instead of staying at home and doing my job as a guitar teacher.
In an email they sent me 2!!! weeks ago they offered an extremely low compensation and requested an answer if I would agree or not. I replied with a detailed break-down of what I would lose by accepting those terms and offered a counter proposal. I didn't ask for much more -- just the same amount of money I got for the last 'promotion gigs' which as I already mentioned was actually very low. But instead of trying to find a consensus with me that's maybe somewhere in the middle of both worlds they just sent me a short email that TD will go on tour without me. Good luck. Goodbye. No more conversation...
Disappointing after that long time I've been working for and with Edgar, wouldn't you agree? I'm still very much shocked because as I wrote before this all happened 2 weeks ago when I had already been praticing very hard for the upcoming concerts and was full of anticipation. I was looking so much forward to seeing and meeting all the nice people -- fans, crew members and close friends I had the privilege to get to know over the years.
I hope you all understand that it was never my plan at all to stay at home and that I'm really very sad about it. Hope to meet you all again somewhere in the close future. [...] Best wishes, Berni"



Tickets for the Copenhagen concert

These are tickets to be printed at home by the buyer. Both were signed by Edgar Froese after the concert.

Thanks to Peter Dombrowski for providing these ticket scans.

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