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2011, June 24
Tenerife Magma Art & Congress Hall

- Sonic Universe / Starmus Festival -


Date2011, June 24
VenueMagma Art & Congress Hall
Line-upEdgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, Linda Spa, Iris Camaa, Bernhard Beibl, Hoshiko Yamane, Brian May


Tangerine Dream: Official Releases
2013Starmus - Sonic Universe

Set List

Opening Set

Supernova (9:15)
This composition features real star sounds from space, captured by Prof. Garik Israelian, astrophysicist and founder of the Starmus Festival. Tangerine Dream performed this unique composition with guest Brian May.
Last Horizon (7:00)
This is a guitar solo written by Queen's guitarist Brian May. It was released on his solo album Back To The Light (1992). May plays it at every one of his concerts since then, so he did on his guest appearance during this concert. This version was re-arranged by Edgar Froese and Thorsten Quaeschning. Brian May left the stage after this track to return for the Encores.
Speech by Mr. Alexey Leonov (2:00)
Former cosmonaut Alexey Leonov, the first in space who did a spacewalk, held a short speech in English language to welcome all visitors.
Tenderness (3:30)
Nezhnost (English translation: Tenderness) is a Soviet Russian-language song, composed in 1965. The music was written by Aleksandra Pakhmutova, with lyrics by Nikolay Dobronravov and Sergey Grebennikov. Several Western arrangements of the tune are known under the title Tenderness. Tangerine Dream performed this song live; the Russian vocals were sung by Iris Camaa.

Main Set

Marmontel Riding On A Clef (8:15)
Trauma (9:30)
Nothing And All (2:15)
Nutshell Awakening (7:15)
Shining Ray (5:30)
The first brand new composition by TD during the concert. A studio version was released a year later on Booster V.
Beauty Of Magic Antagonism (6:30)
Novice (5:00)
One Night In Space (7:30)
Calymba Caly (3:45)
Omniscience (5:30)
Janus Parade (8:00)
The second new composition by TD, unreleased on any studio album so far.
Loved By The Sun (3:30)
Fire On The Mountain (7:30)
Darkness Veiling The Night (9:00)
Living In Eternity (4:00)
Bells Of Accra (6:15)


Sally's Garden (4:30)
Brian May returned to the stage to perform this traditional song together with Tangerine Dream.
We Will Rock You (10:30)
This is a song written by Brian May, originally recorded and performed by Queen for their 1977 album News of the World. Tangerine Dream performed this song with guest Brain May in an extended, improvised version.


This concert was announced in October 2010 for the first time:


Announcement on the TD website:

"Tangerine Dream has been invited by Prof. Dr. Garik Israelian (IAC), astrophysicist and representative of the STARMUS Festival honouring the legendary Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, who became the first man in space in April 1961. This ceremony -- covering conferences, exhibitions and concerts etc. -- will be held in the extraordinary Magma Art & Congress Hall, Tenerife, in the presence of internationally leading astronauts, scientists and well-known artists. The Starmus Festival was initiated by the Canarian Institute for Astrophysics (IAC) which hosts among others an excellent Observatory with the important Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC). It's a pleasure for Tangerine Dream to present their latest compositions in a real cosmological and scientific atmosphere."



Originally the concert was planned for Friday, March 25th, 2011 and titled The Gate of Saturn. The Festival itself was intended to run from March 21st to 26th. But in mid January the complete STARMUS festival was rescheduled for June, and the title of the concert was changed to Sonic Universe; the original title was then used for the Manchester gig in May.


Announcement on the TD website:

"Unfortunately we have to inform you that the STARMUS Festival Organizing Committee did postpone the whole event -- conferences and Tangerine Dream concert -- from originally March to the week of 20th - 25th June 2011!
New date: Tangerine Dream Starlight Concert Sonic Universe -- Friday, 24th June 2011
[...] Honestly, we weren't amused about it... but finally had no influence in that decision as the majority of STARMUS organizers voted for this change due to many reasons [...]. We deeply apologize to all fans who already booked flight tickets (although we recommended in our concert announcement to wait for further news before flight ticket purchase...) and maybe hotel already, we know that it is very annoying to rebook or cancel things. Although this accidental case of 'force majeure' occurred, we still hope that we will meet some of you at the concert in June.



Advertisement for the Tenerife Concert

Thanks to Jacob Pertou for uploading this ad to his blog.

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Ticket from the Tenerife Concert

Thanks to Enrique Moës Borrego for providing this ticket scan.

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Photo Gallery from the Tenerife Concert

Photographer Andreas Müller has done a professional photo shoot of this gig on behalf of Tangerine Dream. On his website, he provides a gallery of 181 photos of stunning quality from this concert.

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