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2007, October 07
Frankfurt Alte Oper

- One Night In Space -


Date2007, October 07
VenueAlte Oper
Line-upEdgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, Linda Spa, Iris Camaa, Bernhard Beibl


Tangerine Dream: Official Releases
2007One Night In Space

Set List

Main Set

Yesterday (Music Box) (0:30)
Ayumi's Butterflies (4:30)
No More Candles Burning (4:00)
Lady Monk (5:00)
Carmel Calif (7:00)
After The Call (5:15)
Sphinx Lightning (4:45)
Midwinter Night (4:30)
One Night In Space (7:00)
Logos Velvet (5:00)
Navel Of Light, Part Two (9:00)
Elf June And The Midnight Patrol (4:45)
Nutshell Awakening (6:30)
Iguana (5:45)
Story Of The Brave (6:30)
Bells Of Accra (15:30)


Girl On The Stairs (4:15)
Le Parc (3:00)
Teetering Scales (4:00)
La Libération (6:45)

(All times rounded to nearest 15 seconds.)


Initially, this concert had been planned as a special performance together with US composer and performing musician Terry Riley, pioneer of minimalist music.


Announcement from the TD web site

"Tangerine Dream & Terry Riley will have a special concert at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt on the Main on the 7th October 2007 at 8 pm.

The Master of Minimal Music Mr. Terry Riley will perform together with TD new and older works. The first half of the gig will be a performance of TD material only while the second half will be a collaboration between Terry Riley and Tangerine Dream."



Unfortunately the then 72 year old Riley had to cancel his planned Europe tour, so the concert was changed to a more regular TD gig.


Announcement from the TD web site

"Due to some health problems Mr. Terry Riley had unfortunately to cancel his European Tour which we extremely regret and hope that he will recover soon (he's over 70 years of age now).

The Frankfurt Opera House has now changed the concert on the 7th of October to a Tangerine Dream night only titled 'One Night In Space'. It will be a very special concert with TD tracks from all decades (no vocals) including lots of NASA space shots as backdrop movies.

Tickets already sold will remain valid for this gig. You will also see the largest merch stand ever with umlimited time to look around for some goodies from the past and present."



Tickets from the Frankfurt Concert

Notably, the first ticket, bought at an early date, still mentions Terry Riley; the second ticket was issued after the concert was changed to become a regular TD gig.

Thanks to Jacob Pertou and Peter Stoeferle for providing these ticket scans.

(Click on the images to see a larger version of the respective ticket in a new browser window)



Photo Gallery from the Frankfurt Concert

On their official website, Tangerine Dream provide a gallery of 50 photos from this concert.

(Click on the image to open the gallery in a new browser window -- this links directly to the official TD site)



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