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2007, April 20
London Astoria


Date2007, April 20
Line-upEdgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, Linda Spa, Iris Camaa, Bernhard Beibl, Christian Hausl


Tangerine Dream: Official Releases
2007London Astoria Club Concert 2007

Set List

Main Set

Astrophel And Stella (8:30)
Shape My Sin (5:00)
The Divorce (4:45)
A Dream Of Death (8:15)
Hear The Voice (5:15)
Mad Song (5:30)
One Hour Of Madness (8:30)
Man (5:00)
Solution To All Problems (6:15)
Lake Of Pontchartrain (7:45)
Storm Seekers (5:00)
Cool Shibuya (3:45)
Sphinx Lightning (19:00)
Exit (6:00)
Rare Bird (4:00)
Logos Velvet (5:30)
Lady Monk (5:00)
Where Dreams Are Large And Airy (7:30)

First Encore

Canyon Voices (4:45)
Girl On The Stairs (4:00)
La Libération (5:45)

Second Encore

House Of The Rising Sun (5:00)

(All times rounded to nearest 15 seconds.)


Advertisement for the London Concert

This ad was published in Record Collector #226 (May 2007).

Thanks to Jacob Pertou for uploading this ad to his blog.

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Photo Gallery from the London Concert

On their official website, Tangerine Dream provide a gallery of 29 photos from this concert.

(Click on the image to open the gallery in a new browser window -- this links directly to the official TD site)



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