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2005, July 08 - 2005, July 09

Jeanne D'Arc


Line-upEdgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, Linda Spa, Iris Camaa


July 08Berlin Friedrichstadtkirche (Germany)
July 09Berlin Friedrichstadtkirche (Germany)

Set List

Main Set

La Vision (12:45)
La Joie (5:15)
La Force Du Courage (8:30)
La Solitude Dans l'Espoir (7:30)
La Marche (8:30)
La Sagesse Du Destin (8:00)
Le Combat Du Sang (10:15)
Le Combat Des Épées (14:00)
La Libération (4:45)
Ça Va - Ça Marche - Ça Ira Encore (5:30)


Jenissei River (4:30)
TimeSquare (9:15)
Underwater Twilight (6:30)
This encore was performed on July 8th only.

(All times rounded to nearest 15 seconds.)


To promote their most recent studio album, Jeanne d'Arc, Tangerine Dream performed two concerts in the famous French Church of Friedrichstadt in Berlin. They played the complete album in chronological order plus a number of encores.


According to Jerome Froese's web site, between the both gigs in Berlin, he "sprained his ankle so he had to walk on/off stage with crutches and could barely move at his place during the show (which fortunately wasn't very important)".


The Jeanne D'Arc Premiere Poster

Thanks to Jacob Pertou for uploading this poster to his blog.

(Click on the image to see a larger version of the poster in a new browser window)



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