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1999, April 16 - 1999, April 25

Germany Tour 1999




April 16Glauchau Sachsenlandhalle (Germany)
April 18Mainz Schloss (Germany)
April 19Berlin Huchschule der Künste (Germany)
April 20Castrop-Rauxel Forum (Germany)
April 21Munich Reithalle (Germany)
April 22Hannover Theater am Aegi (Germany)
April 23Nuremberg Forum (Germany)
April 24Bonn Beethovenhalle (Germany)
April 25Halle Händelhalle (Germany)


A tour with nine dates in Germany was planned for April 1999 but got cancelled only a short time after announcement.


From Dream Collector #29, January 1999

Back On Stage Again

TD concerts announced for April

TD were rather secretive: "There are some tour romors going on here...", TDI Music announced in their new year's greetings on the Internet Home Page. However, these were not only rumors: TD have indeed negotiated with Moderne Welt, the company who also organized the band's German tour in 1997. After weeks of contradictory news, the TD management confirmed the dates.

The band also thinks about concerts in London and Dublin in early May, but dates have not been confirmed so far. Right now, there are no plans for gigs outside Europe.

© 1999 by Christian Horn, Siegfried Lindhorst, Rolf Sonnemann and Peter Stöferle



From Dream Collector #30, February 1999

Tyranny Of Business: TD Cancelled German Tour

No gigs in April and no others ahead

Fans may regard this as some kind of "tyranny" of the music business, to others it may appear like a force majeure: Tangerine Dream have cancelled all nine concerts which had been scheduled and announced for April.

"The tour will definetly not take place", Wolfgang Reimann from Tadream Productions said to Dream Collector. He explained that some agreements could not be made with the Moderne Welt company who was to organize the tour. "We cannot tell any more details right now", he said.

On TD's official Internet Home Page, the band stated: "This decision had to be made due to severe differences with the German tour organizer." also, the band did not mention any details. "There may perhaps be a more specified declaration later", Reimann said. When going to print with this issue of Dream Collector, TD have not yet formulated an official news release.

Also, Moderne Welt did not tell any reasons for why the German tour has been cancelled and whether it was the band's or the company's decision. "There will be no tour, and that's it" they said to Dream Collector. "Sorry, we will not tell why."

The German gigs were intended to be the second TD tour organized by Moderne Welt. The company had already managed the concerts in 1997, which was TD's first tour in their home country after 15 years. Already then, a few weeks after the tour, a single concert in Kassel, along with the art exhibition documenta x was cancelled. "Technical problems" were mentioned.

"There are no substitute dates right now and no plans for another tour with another company or on our own", Reimann emphasized. This means that all efforts would have to restart at the very beginning. According to hearsay, negotiations about concerts in London and Dublin in May had already started before the decision stopped tour plans. It is unknown when there will be another chance. Reimann: "We hope it will be very soon."

After the band, also fans will have to change their plans. In 1997, fans even from Australia and Hong Kong had come to Germany to attend some gigs. For the new tour, an US fan has already bought the flight ticket. Compared to that, it will be a small problem to return concert tickets -- in case there are no fans who regard tickets for shows that never took place as a collectible...

© 1999 by Christian Horn, Siegfried Lindhorst, Rolf Sonnemann and Peter Stöferle



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